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A Star Was Born (Star #1 Review)


Writer: Kelly Thompson

Artists: Javier Pina & Filipe Andrade

Color Artist: Jesus Aburtov

Lettering/Design: VC’s Clayton Cowles

Cover Artists: Carmen Carnero & Jesus Aburtov

Publisher: Marvel

Rating: 8/10 Infinity Stones, which is good since there are only 6.

 I’ll tell you somethin’ reader...

From the heroic introduction of Star to the shocking reveal of her villainous nature, Kelly Thompson has had me locked in what this character could mean for Captain Marvel in the future. Potentially the rest of the Marvel Universe even! With the crazy twist of the Reality Stone, one of the Infinity Stones somehow bonding to Star in her incarceration, I have been eager to see what Ripley will do with this new power she has obtained. Spoilers in this reality.

Is Ripley happy in this modern world?

Probably not, last we saw Star in Captain Marvel #11, Carol punched a hole through Ripley’s chest to remove the device that gave her powers and that was also killing everyone nearby in New York City. Becoming doesn’t do well for your image, and breaking out of prison doesn’t help either.

Does she need more?

Absolutely. She is low on cash while on the run and to top it off, she has one of the most powerful objects in the Marvel Universe inside her with no understanding of how to use it. It doesn’t help either that one prominent trickster comes with a warning that having rock like that on your person is going to attract some dangerous folk.

Is there somethin’ else Ripley is searchin’ for?

At this point, she is looking to the best Investigator around (and that’s after they’ve had a drink) to see who potentially will be coming after her. By the end of this issue, we see that one of those interested parties making a visit becomes a REALITY so to speak!

I’m falling…

For another one of Kelly Thompson’s series again. This character was not what I was expecting when they were first introduced and every issue with Star in Captain Marvel after she revealed herself to be Ripley has been an emotional and shocking ride. This issue was also something I didn’t expect, especially when they went pretty evil at the end. Nevertheless, I found myself really drawn in by the writing of Ripley’s character since we didn’t get much of that when we first met her.  There is a good sense of emotion that you get from Ripley in her dialogue. You can sense her frustrations when not in control and feel the satisfaction she has when she has the power in the moment over someone. A lot of the characters that show up in here have great dialogue as well that either have some good humor or just have your straight-up rooting for them.

In all the good times I find myself…

Longin’ for change. This definitely could be considered it. My comic collection of superheroes will always capture my imagination and the kid that looked up them so much. Something I have found to enjoy since I have begun my collection though was following characters that are normally known as villains and getting to see the complexity behind them. It makes for interesting reads, so pairing that interest with an original character and series by Thompson, I’m in. I feel like Star is going to make some big changes to the Marvel Universe in more than one way and I hope you check this series out and see how bright this Star tries to shine.


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