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The Violence of Nature (X-Force #5 Review)


Writer: Ben Percy

Artist: Joshua Cassara

Colorists: Dean White & Rachelle Rosenberg

Letterer: Joe Caramagna

Publisher: Marvel

Rating: 8/10

Ok since we're 5 issues in, and this is the first time I've reviewed this book, I'm gonna talk a little bit about how much this series has grown on me. When the first issue dropped it wasn't exactly my favorite X-book. While it was good, it just didn't captivate me the way some of the other books did. But over the course of these past few issues, I've been won over. Ben Percy has created a black-ops book and instilled it with heart, humor and intrigue. It's the perfect compliment to the main X-MEN title. Along with artist Joshua Cassara, who has continued to blow me away with his dark and gritty style, this has now become my second favorite X-book.

The past couple issues have been dealing with the fallout of Domino's capture/torture at the hands of some mysterious group that is augmenting humans to combat mutants. They literally were skinning domino and grafting it onto their soldiers. It was one of the most horrific images I've ever see, thanks Cassara. Not to mention the attacks on Krakoan businesses. After saving Domino, Kid Omega and Wolverine are deployed to take them down but are met by the human at the Krakoan gate. What happened next was crazy as f***. Kid Omega's head gets cut off and Wolverine is cut in half, leaving Domino behind on Krakoa.

Which all leads us to this issue.

With Sage and Beast running the Pointe, they tell Domino that they have no way of sending her to save her teammates. Enter the teleporting mutant Gateway. Having no way to locate him, they send Black Tom Cassidy to retrieve him. I'll be honest, I don't know a whole lot about Cassidy, but this book has made me interested in learning more. The way he has "bonded" with island is pretty insane. He literally grows from out of the ground to get Gateway to come help. After which we get a whole data page about how Cassidy has developed this unique bond with the Island. The possibilities for what he might be able to do are endless and I can't way to see how else they utilixe this.

Next up to help is Forge. I've always thought he was a badass character and I'm so happy he's become one of the main focuses in the X-books again. He's using his powers to create technology that's organic. I mean he literally comes out in a battle suit that is made out of living plants. 

Half A Wolverine Is Better than None

Yes you read that right. You thought Wolverine getting cut in half would stop him. F*** No! He still continues to take out the soldiers until the cavalry arrive. Again Cassara's art is absolutely amazing, I'll never get the image of Wolverine out of my head. Oh and by the way, Percy writes one hell of a Wolverine, which only makes me more excited to read next month's WOLVERINE.

After bringing back the other half of Wolverine, Forge puts him back together. I couldn't help but laugh. It was hilarious and unexpected. While he was healing Forge and Domino continue to take out the humans. Blinded by pain/rage Domino seeks to take out everyone until Beast pleads to her to leave one alive for questioning.

By the end we get an interrogation scene, where we once again see the man with the Peacock tattoo. He's the one behind all of this. I still wonder if it's someone that we've seen before, or a completely new character. Either way, Percy and Cassara have created one hell of a book and I'm all in.

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