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Flash Forward #5 (Review)


Writer: Scott Lobdell

Penciller: Brett Booth

Inker: Norm Rapmund

Colorist: Luis Guerrero

Letterer: Troy Peteri

Cover Artist: Doc Shaner

Publisher: DC

Rating: 6/10

As I've said many times before, Wally West is my favorite character, so to say that this series has been a disappointment is putting it mildly. I had high hopes when this book was announced. I thought this would be a tale of redemption, which would have been perfect after the events of HEROES IN CRISIS. Instead we got a book that has, at times, felt directionless. This issue is another great example of good ideas but poor execution.

The issue picks up where #4 left off, Wally reunited with his kids. It's one of the moments I had been waiting to see, and while it was awesome to see them, I feel like it didnt have the emotional punch I was hoping for. Don't get me wrong, there were some heartfelt moments but it just felt like it needed something more. It felt a little rushed, with them just kind of being thrown into this fight against dark matter and not really delving into who these kids are. If not for Brett Booth and the awesome splash page of Wally's memories, the average reader might not even know who these kids were

Throughout this series Wally has been forced into protecting the Multiverse form the Dark Multiverse. The being that set him on this path is Tempus Fuginaut. Fuginaut has progressively become a character I care less and less about. At first, this seemed like a pretty cool idea for Wally to be this protector of the Multiverse, since he's the fastest living being, but since then the idea has kind of faltered. The coolest part in this issue was after Wally touches the Mobius Chair, he gets all of his memories back. But how the chair got there, seemed like it was just used to conveniently give Wally his memories back.

By the end of the issue we learn that this world that had his kids on it, was another Dark World created from Wally's fears. Which seemed like an interesting idea, but it also mean he's gonna have to kill his kids??? I don't know how this one will end, I don't know if Lobdell can turn things around for me. I've given this book the benefit of the doubt because of my love for Wally, but I feel like Wally fans deserve better than this.

While the story has been less than perfect, Brett Booth's art has been pretty damn good. I love his rendition of speedsters and he's made this a really fun and energetic book to look at. It has a real 90's style, which I love. His use of splash pages is perfect for a character like Flash and he uses them  in a way that makes those particular scenes even more fun to look at.

I know I seem pretty negative on this book, but it's hard not to be. While I won't say that it's the worst thing I've ever read, I just feel like this has been a filler book that DC put out to appease Wally fans. But it really proves that they don't know how to utilize him properly. No offense to Scott Lobdell, but he shouldn't have been the one to write this book. If Tom King couldn't write a follow up story for Wally then it should have been Joshua Williamson. With one issue left, I can only hope that it somehow ends on a better note than it started. I hope this isn't the last we see of Wally, he's too important of a charcter to go down like this.

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