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Wonder Woman #750 (Review)


Writers: Vita Ayala, Marguerite Bennett, Kami Garcia, Shannon & Dean Hale, Jeff Loveness, Steve Orlando, Greg Rucka, Gail Simone, Mariko Tamaki, Scott Snyder

Artists: Elena Casagrande, Colleen Doran, Jesus Merino & Vicente Cifuentes, Gabriel Picolo, Nicola Scott, Phil Hester & Ande Parks, Riley Rossmo, Laura Braga, Amancay Nahuelpan

Colorists: Romulo Fajardo Jr., Hi-Fi, Sunny Gho, Mike Spicer, Trish Mulvihill, Ivan Plascencia, Jay David Ramos

Letterers: Pat Brosseau, Dave Sharpe, Deron Bennett, Rob Leigh, Tom Napolitano, Gabriella Downie, Joshua Reed, Wes Abbott, Clayton Cowles

Publisher: DC

Rating: 7.5/10

It's always a treat when we get these oversized Anniversary issues. I've always been a huge fan of seeing a bunch of creators come together to honor some of the greatest characters ever created. So when they announced that not only would Wonder Woman be getting an Anniversary issue, but also keeping her 'legacy' numbering moving forward, I was stoked. I've long hated the constant reboots/remembering and hopefully this is a sign of more to come.

The amount of talent that has been put in this book is a absolutely insane. Some of the best in the biz have come to grace us with their vision of Diana. I mean this is a collection of stories that perfectly encapsulates what Wonder Woman is all about, truth, strength and most importantly her unyielding love for all living things.

The book leads with a story centered on Diana against Hera and Cheetah. While I haven't been following the Wonder Woman book for a while, Steve Orlando and Jesus Merino do an ok job of making the story accessible, but I felt a little lost.. At it's core, it perfectly exemplifies how Wonder Woman will never give up on anyone, even one of her arch enemies. It ends on a crazy cliffhanger that is sure to be followed up next issue.

Up next was a cute little story by Gail Simone and Collen Doran starring a character called Star Blossom. It was a heartwarming tale that sees Diana sitting down for dinner with this young girls family and the importance of family. After learning of the death of a friend, Diana is hurt, but it's this young girls response to her that really knocked this story out of the park.

Mariko Tamaki and Elena Casagrande weave a tale of the difference of what it means to be a hero by having Diana put Ares in his place. The way they utilize the God of War was perfect. They disguised him as an officer questioning Diana on whether or not she "needs to be a hero" and how she plays a part in his forces of destruction. As always though Diana shows what really makes her a hero and what she truly fights for, humanity.

Greg Rucka & Nicola Scott are up next. Anytime Rucka writes Wonder Woman, I'm there. He and Nicola's story was one of my favorite from this issue. It had Diama going to Circe, an enemy, to save another enemy (Cheetah). Diana will go to any lengths to save the life of her friend turned enemy. Even though things seem hopeless she vows to never give up. This story is a perfect example of why I love this character and also why Greg Rucka is one of the best writers to ever tackle this character.

Our next story is written by Kami Garcia and illustrated by Phil Hester. It stars a young Diana still figuring out her place in the world. She seeks advice from fellow Amazons before realizing her destiny lies off the island. It was story that I really enjoyed and shows that destiny is whatever you make it. Hester had always been a favorite of mine, so anytime I get to see his art it's always a treat.

The next story by Shannon & Dean Hale, with art by Riley Rossmo was a cool little story that sees Diana calked back to Themyscira by her mother to take down a hydra. It turns out that she just wanted a little mother/daughter time because she missed her. It shows us that no matter who you are, even a superhero, you should always make time for your mom.

The Bombshells version of Wondrr Woman was really fun. I'm not too familiar with those versions of the DC heroines, butvthis story from Marguerite Bennett makes me want to read more. Plus the art from Laura Braga was amazing.

Vita Ayala and Amancay Nahuelpan continue the them of Wonder Woman always being there for everyone including her villains. But this time it's told from the POV of Silver Swan. It was interesting watching the hate Swan had for Diana subside when she realized all WW wanted to do was help her. It showed the true superpower that WW has, compassion.

Finally, our final tale by Scott Snyder and Brian Hitch brings us home. It take place in WWII, and shows us the debut of Wonder Woman in man's world and the inspiration she has on the rest of the world. This has been said that this will be the beginning of DC's new timeline, with Wonder Woman being the world's first superhero. Snyder and Hitch deliver a cool little story and set up an interesting new origin for Diana.

Overall, this was a really fun book and while it had some minor issues it was still a perfect look at why Wonder Woman is so special. Now if only DC could continously put out a quality Wonder Woman book, I would gladly pay my hard earned money every month to read it. But for now I'll settle for these cool specials.

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