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Top 3 Canadian Comics You Should Read

Ever since I started writing for the blog, I’ve been reviewing and talking about all types of comics….. But I realized recently I’ve never even mentioned some of my favorite Canadian Comics. 

So without further ado, here is the top 3 canadian (from Quebec even!) book you need to read in your life:

Little Russia


The vagabond Valise

I’ve read these three in French, the original language… But do not worry, they are also available (or will soon be) in english!

The Vagabond Valise:

What they say it is:

A poignant account of an alcoholic father who drags his family into misfortune, The Vagabond Valise is the heart-breaking autobiographical story of Siris, represented by his chicken-headed alter ego. Siris paints a sincere and poetic portrait of his troubled childhood, in and out of foster homes, but also of the working-class, post-war Quebec where it took place. Ten years in the making, The Vagabond Valise is the first graphic novel from a founding father of the Quebec comix underground.

Why you should read it:

An incredible autobiographical story of the author’s childhood in the system where he is pushed around in different homes. A sad story that still… makes you smile.

The tone is really light and on the funny side, although you are left with a sinking feeling of sadness. It’s the perfect example of how individual perception can change the whole emotion of a situation. Siris was able to open his heart and deliver a smartly written story and share with us how despite his sad past, he just kept going. 

This book is a must read. Everything is magnificently written, every actions, every characters and every words are well thought to deliver an incredible and sincere book. 

Little Russia:

What they say it is (translated from French):

It is a story of the colonization of Abitibi. A portrait of men and women who left everything to settle in the North. The story of a small village called Guyenne. Except that Guyenne is not a village like the others. It’s a cooperative. The wood you cut there does not belong to you and the cooperative keep 50% of your salary to finance the development of the colony. Around there, some people like to call this place "Little Russia". This is where Marcel and Antoinette will live for twenty years.

It is nominated for the prestigious Prix des libraires du Québec, in the "Best Graphic Novel" category. 

Why you should read it:

This one actually made his way to one of my favorite read of 2019. This book reflects perfectly the struggle, the pride and the dedication behind the construction of a small village. The story happens in Guyenne, in Abitibi (in the north of Quebec). A place where there’s a lot of trees, a lot of wood, a lot of cold….. and for those who know: a lot of annoying mosquitos and other insects. 

Little Russia tells the story behind the men and women who dropped everything to go build this village in the cold and isolated woods of Quebec.

It might be because this book represent a part of the story of my native land, but Little Russia is so beautifully well written. You will feel the exhaustion, the motivation, the hopes and the love of the characters behind it.

You don’t have to know the story behind Guyenne to appreciate this book. You just have to enjoy the power of passion. 

*available in english in April 2020


What they say it is:

Author Michel Hellman promised his publisher a sequel to his previous book, Mile End. Instead, he ended up going up north to Nunavik – on a trip that took him from Kuujjuaq to Puvirnituq. He came back with a book titled Nunavik.

“Do you know what constitutes a typical Inuit family? A man, a woman, two children… and an anthropologist!” Follow Montreal author Michel Hellman on a trip to Nunavik as he discovers he’s the punchline to that joke.

Why you should read it:

Because you need to be aware of what’s happening in the world. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes emotionally challenging. The author shares with pure authenticity and honesty his experience during this unconventional trip. 

You will meet hunters, drug dealers, activists, and other members of the community. This book will challenge your view of the world and your perception of authors. It’s a beautiful confrontation of cultures.

It will make you feel all types of things. 

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