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A Demon in the 33rd Century (Protector #1 Review)


Writers: Simon Roy & Daniel Benson

Artist: Artyom Trakhanov

Colorist: Jason Wordie

Letterer: Hassan Otsmane-Elhou

Publisher: Image Comics

Rating: 8/10

Song: The entire Deltron 3030 album (yes, the damn whole thing)

Here I am again delving into another Post-Apocalypse Dystopian tale set in the far off future. But unlike the many others, this one seems to take place after the civilizations fall, when the world begins anew. Set in the far-off future of the 33rd Century, Protector’s debut issue sets the tone for what could possibly be an homage to Mad Max draped in Japanese Ukiyo-e and topped off with a giant robot.

The beginning of our tale takes place in 3241, where we’re dropped on to a slave mine of Shikka-Go (Chicago). We’re given very little information about what happened over the past millennia, but from the looks of everything, it seems that civilization has reverted back to pre-feudal system of barter and slavery. One such slave, Mari, has escaped her slavers and is on the early steps of her escape. Her time on the lamb is short-lived, as she falls into a crevasse. Those that are hot on her tail quickly discover that maybe they should’ve have let this one get away. Mari awakens an ancient metal beast from a forgotten time and that her falling into the crevasse was the metaphorical first domino to fall in a series of events that kick off our tale in this strange, nomadic, and futuristic North America.

Now, given that this is the first issue, it plays out like a sort of tone-setter. We’re not bombarded with too much information, but we are given a glimpse into the tribal lifestyles of this world’s inhabitants. From the levels in their hierarchy to their religious belief system, and what we’re given is the base issue that’ll hopefully set up the next few issues.

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