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A New Rival Revealed (Flash #88 Review)


Writer: Joshua Williamson

Artist: Howard Porter

Colorist: Hi-Fi

Letterer: Steve Wands

Publisher: DC Comics

Rating: 10/10

I honestly can't say it enough, I LOVE this book. As we near the epic 750th issue, Williamson uncovers the mystery of the new villain, Parradox. Who better than Howard Porter to illustrate the origin of Barry's new archenemy. This is what has made this Flash run by Williamson so great. He honors the past while also adding so many new elements that make all of us Flash fans eager to read this book every month.

The story opens up as we learn the origin of Paradox and how his entire existence can all be traced back to Barry. This has always been a key element in some of Flash's greatest adversaries. Some moment in the past where some unseen action by Barry inadvertently creates an enemy. It all starts the day Flash is "born" and causes a scientist (Chris) to gain multiversal/time powers. But the manifestation of his powers is unlike anything we've ever seen.

After Chris's powers fade he attempts to get them back, but fails. Until another fateful day when Barry fought against the Turtle from the future. Directly connecting to the FLASH: YEAR ONE arc, which made Howard Porter thenperrect artist to tackle this issue. With Falsh in the vicinity Chris's powers activate transporting him to a pace outside of time. While there, 3 other people were taken there as well but think it's Flash's fault.

After spending an unknown amount of time there, we see the beginning of Chris turning into Paradox. He now has the ability to see the entire history of the Flash and blames him for his predicament. He blames Flash for all of the time paradoxes he's caused. Once again Barry has cause an enemy without even knowing it.

I've said it before and I'll keep saying it, Howard Porter is o e of the best Flash artists of all time. From the way depicts the speed force powers to the action packed panels. He just continues to amaze me how good his continues to be year after year.

This issue was an awesome prologue to what is about to transpire over the next arc. It also brings Godspeed back into the story and is setting up some interesting stuff that is sure to shake up the entire DCU. It felt like one of those Rogue spotlight issues that Geoff Johns used to do, which were always some of my favorites. Overall this was probably one of the best issues of this run and serves as a great jumping on point heading into issue 750.

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