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A Paradox Is Coming (Flash #87 Review)


Writer: Joshua Williamson

Artist: Christian Duce

Colorist: Luis Guerrero

Letterer: Steve Wands

Publisher: DC

Rating: 8/10

The last issue left our hero in a strange predicament, he was being hauled off to Arkham. After nearly killing Captain Cold, he turned himself in. Williamson always does a great job leaving Barry in interesting situations and this one was no different. My only question was "How will he get out of this one?"

The main focus of the issue was still dealing with the Flash's powers being supercharged, whichbis why he was out of control with rage. The first half was Barry talking with Leonard Snart/Captain Cold on the way to Arkham. Williamson writes Cold almost as good as Geoff Johns, which is high praise. Leonard is the perfect foil to Barry and you really feel the weight of their long hero/enemy relationship. They both have parent issues, for vastly different reasons, and both similar in ways they're not even aware of.

Barry's always tried to steer him away from crime, but it's always been pointless. Leonard despises Barry and seemingly always will. Snart thinks Barry hates him, but it's far from the truth. Christian Duce illustrates this exchange between them in such a way that you can feel the animosity and contempt they have for each other emanating off the page.

After arriving at Arkham, Flash is greeted by Pied Piper. Iris had asked for his help in trying to fix Barry's speed powers. Meena had attempted to do so with Wallace and Avery but couldn't do it. After Piper comes up with a solution to 'fix' Barry , Leonard makes his escape with the help of his sister, Golden Glider. That's right, the same sister that helped Barry escpe last arc, showing that blood is thicker than water. Given a choice to help 'fix' Wallace and Avery or stop Cold, Barry let's Cold leave.

At the conclusion of the story we learn, that this 'fix' will only last as long as Barry doesn't exert to much speed. The crazy part, is while sitting with Iris, Barry from the future comes back with a warning " Paradox is Coming". Thus setting up the next adversary for Barry to face off against.

This issue got me so hyped for the next issue and I can't wait to find out who this mysterious Paradox is. He seems to have been pulling the strings for a little while and I have a feeling this reveal is gonna be a shocker.

Williamson is on fire with this book and even better we get to see the return of Duce on art. He has risen up the ranks as one of my favorite Flash artists and gets better everytime he draws the book. This is one series you should all be picking up. It's definitely the sleeper book at DC, if rumors are true some big stuff is about to go down in these pages, so don't sleep on it.

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