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A Thirst Quencher For The Eyes And Hearts (Pink Lemonade #2 Review)


Created by: Nick Cagnetti

Free Day Art: Don Simpson

Publisher: It’sAlive

Spring is here and warmer days are upon us. What better way to kick off the sunshine and face the crazy times we currently are living in than to pick up a nice refreshing issue of Pink Lemonade. It was a little over a year ago I learned of this bright and colorful character, Pink Lemonade, and immediately wanted to explore the world Nick Cagnetti created. Issue one was an absolute blast to read that left me feeling as bright and happy as the story told. Pink Lemonade #2 continues that feeling while upping the action. Spoilers Ahead.

Where we last left our hero Pink Lemonade, she had just crashed the set of action star Ron Radical and ended up behind bars shortly after. Thankfully she had a guardian producer watching over her as he bails her out and offers her a spot on the big screen as the next big star. The problem is, is she going to be what replaces old Ron Radical? This issue we get to explore more of my new favorite mullet rocking action hero Ron, as he copes with relevancy and what he wants out of life. I really loved seeing Pink Lemonade and Ron Radical on page together as they go back and forth duking it out as per contract states, and working together to define themselves by what they want and not what others want.

As always the biggest stand out to the series is the art. Cagnetti’s Kirby-like style of art combined with bright vibrant colors is absolutely beautiful to look at on every panel. This time around, the action panels and lettering really stood out to me with their creativity. Watching Pink Lemonade dodge, dip, duck, dive, and dodge Ron’s radical rays playing out was extremely entertaining (I almost wish this movie they were in was made). The lettering was superb, with lots of amazing sound effects and variations to the text bubbles that went well with certain other-dimensional menaces that appear. This issue also came with a bonus two-page story, Free Day, with art from Don Simpson that had me feeling that every person who has a hand in creating this book must feel a sense of pure joy.

With stores beginning to make preparations for reopening in the coming months, it will be time to pick up the subscriptions again and look for new reads to enjoy. Don’t miss out on telling your local shops about Pink Lemonade and grab yourself a copy. This read is one to be sure and give you a great experience with its amazing art, laid back vibes mixed with fun adventure, as well as overall good wholesomeness.

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