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Bang! #1 (Review)

BANG! #1

Writer: Matt Kindt

Artist: Wilfredo Torres

Colorist: Nayoung Kim

Letterer: Nate Piekos

Publisher: Dark Horse

Rating: 8/10

When you're comic book gets a recommendation from Keanu Reeves, you know you have something pretty great. But hey, with Matt Kindt on writing and Wilfredo Torres on art, that should have been a given already. I love me some secret agent/spy stories and this one takes familiar tropes and turns them upside down.BANG! tells the story of secret agent Thomas Cord... who, as we soon learn, might not actually be THE secret agent Thomas Cord as he starts to uncover the mystery of his own life.

From the opening pages it's clear that this isnt gonna be your typical spy/thriller you would expect. The person we're led to believe is the main character is quickly disposed of. This is when we first meet Thomas Cord. Kindt and Torres so a great job of dropping us into the action and not only deliver on the action m, but plenty of humor as well

As Cord heads off to take down sci-fi author, Phillip Verve, who knows more than he should. How this guy is connected to a global secret organization, is what will really hook you into the story.

Thomas Cord has had false memories implanted that dont even line up with his age. Verve is set to help him discover why and who has been doing this to him. Like Cord, Kindt leaves the reader not knowing what to expect moving forward and that's the perfect ingredient to a story of this nature. Coupled with a great script and Torres' emotive and crisp line work and this book is a must read for all you indie fans.

Kindt and Torres give you more than enough to leave you wanting more. This is the type of story you dont see nearly enough of in comics and I can't wait for more. Don't take my word for it, take Keanu's advice,

“A great f-cked up blend of James Bond and Tintin.”—Keanu Reeves

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