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Behind The Mask. Heroes Can Struggle Too. (The Weirdos: From Sand, To Glass Review)


Created by: Dennis Vogen

What comic book heroes make for greats read for me? That would have to be the ones that look to use their gifts to do good. What makes an especially good superhero story for me? Making these characters as real as possible despite their powers or talents. Showing us that even wonders struggle and fall down. Dennis Vogen, creator of The Weirdos: From Sand, To Glass is just one of those creators that understands that as they deliver one of the rawest and personal views of heroes in his story (aside from the superpowers).

Vogen’s story of these unlikely heroes focuses on four struggling individuals; Ashley aka The Flying Squirrel, Axis aka The Sketch, Moe aka The Blue-Ringer, and Das aka The Wait. While each character has their own type of issue to focus on them, complete with a full-page shot of their hero persona to get you excited to see them in action, it’s not the focus Vogen is getting at. Each one of these characters’ stories explores what got them to where they are. Alcoholism, depression, cancer, and a sad as hell childhood with a super toxic parental figure. There are no punches pulled in this adult comic as Vogen’s characters emit so much life as they tell us what they are experiencing through their struggles.

While the characters and their struggles are an easy way to grab me, something I found very fun and unique was Vogen’s own style in creating this story. With characters like The Sketch, who literally is a stick figure with fourth-wall-breaking powers, the story already has some fun added in with the clever comments of a comic book world made, or a panel being used against someone in another instance. What was most interesting though was how Vogen sort of inserted himself into the story in this way while at the same time, giving his characters free agency in his writing. This book was a true expression of a creator bringing his ideas to life.

The Weirdos: From Sand, To Glass presents a story of four unlikely people coming together when they need it most, and doing good along the way. It’s not about the big fights against the bad guy or saving the world from ending. Vogen gives us a window into four people’s lives and what they face and how. It’s personal and it leaves me with a sense of appreciation to have gotten to know these four wonderful heroes in the short time I spent with them. I strongly encourage taking a look at this story of four folks with great potential and the amazing Dennis Vogen who brought them to life.

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