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Blackwood: The Mourning After #1 (Review)


Writer: Evan Dorkin

Penciller/Inker/Colorer: Veronica and Andy Fish

Letterer: Greg McKenna

Publisher: Dark Horse

Score: 8/10

This new Blackwood series from Dorkin continues to be great with this first entry of the new mini series. Dorkin has such a unique tone to his writing and world building that works very well to a series like this. If you're a fan of Sabrina the Teenage witch and Harry Potter and you like horror movies, you should definitely be checking this series out.

It's hard to talk about specifics with this issue because I do feel one of the cons to this issue is that having read the previous mini series is almost a prerequisite as not much effort is taken to introduce a new reader to the main characters, supporting characters or to the world. This issue picks up right where the last left off and immediately keeps going with the story of Blackwood and it's students and staff. Which leads me to one of the real highlights of this series, the dialogue and relationships between the students and teachers. I really buy that these are young students brought into Blackwood and are now dealing with a haunted school, the death of their friend and someone looking to sabotage the school while also managing to have some moments of levity.

The art by Veronica and Andy Fish is absolutely fantastic which also comes with no surprise as I feel as though Dorkin generally picks some great artists for his various books. They're also one of the reasons why this series reminds me so much of Sabrina, they're the artists who worked on the most recent Sabrina series. The coloring is varied and the pallette is perfectly matched to the tone of the particular scene/page, with some even reminding me of Francesco Francavilla.

I purposely left the review a bit vague because I really hope people out there find this series intriguing and go pick up the first volume to catch up and follow with this mini as I feel like most of Evan Dorkin's books deserve more attention (it's only 4 issues!). I mentioned fans of Riverdale and/or Sabrina and Harry Potter would appreciate this series in particular but I think the average comic reader could pick this up and find a very entertaining read.

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