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C.A.T.S (Covert Anti-Espionage Team): Review


Writer/Creator: Frank J. Zanca

Artist: Joseph Sanchez Diaz

Colorist: Walter Pereyra

Letterer: Anaid Melendez

I had the chance to read the first number of C.A.T.S, a comic found on kickstarter by Frank J. Zanca. This story was first pitched as a television pilot, which I have no trouble imagining: the intricacy of the characters and the organization portrayed in this first number would promised a cool TV show!

C.A.T.s are part of a secret government operation of counter espionage. Agents are taken in the organization as young as 13 years old to be trained as powerful human soldiers/spies.

In this first number, we mostly focus on Cassie King, a loving mom and wife who secretly work as a spy killer for C.A.T.s. She is hired to find a Professor with a mysterious “drive” wanted by the government. However, little does she knows that someone else is also looking for the same Professor… and this person is ready to handle the situation with a little less delicacy.

In a unfortunate situation, the Professor ends up being killed in front of his daughter’s eyes by the sniper that Cassie was not aware of.

Following up with this tragic event, we learn the identity of the secret sniper: an ex coworker of Cassie who used to be trained and employed by C.A.T.s when she was a teenager. She was driven to leave after her family was unluckily killed in a failed operation lead by no one else than…. Cassie!

As of this moment, the reader can imagine different scenarios of how the story will continue: was the young daughter aware of where the secret drive is hidden? Is she the key to this story? Is Cassie gonna be able to find out more about her mysterious nemesis and why did she turned against her?

That’s what we will be looking for in the next number!

I appreciated this comic for its action scenes and its cast of powerful female spy (because who doesn’t like a cool badass female spy as a protagonist?).

In terms of writing, I will be honest and say it took me some times to piece some information together regarding the story and the characters. There is a lot of characters to remember and details from flashbacks to assimilate.

However, I was pleasantly appreciative of the art and the colors: it was easy to follow the action scenes - which can sometimes proved to be a downer in some comics. I also appreciated how the characters had distinctive physical traits. In a story with as many characters as this one, it can be annoying when you repeatedly confuse characters together.

Curious? I thought so!

You can follow the action packed adventures of Cassie and other C.A.T.s agents on the Kickstarter page:

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