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Cartoonist Kayfabe: For The Love Of Comics

What can I say about the Cartoonist Kayfabe that you guys don't already know? What Ed Piskor & Jim Rugg have created with their YouTube channel is nothing short of amazing. What started out with them going through old Wizard Magazines has grown into so much more. They've built this awesome community of "Kayfabers" and shine light on some amazing comics that you might never have heard of. They're not only fans of the medium but are also amazing cartoonists as well. While the channel has been around for almost a year and a half, I only recently started watching it. Little did I know, it would completely take over my daily routine while also making my list of books to buy grow exponentially.

While I knew of Piskor & Rugg for a while, I had yet to pick up their book until a few months ago. I knew about the Kayfabe channel but never really had the time to watch any of the vids because of work and being a dad. Then the pandemic hit, suddenly I had an inordinate amount of time on my hands. I had just helped edit the Wizerd Zine with Eli Schwab, whom I met from my LCS once I started working there. Once I cracked that bad boy open I fell into this Kayfabe vortex and finally watched the channel. I started with the Todd McFarlane Shoot Interview followed by the Erik Larsen one. Then it dawned on me, I needed to go back to the beginning.

Fast forward a few weeks later, and about 50+ hours of footage watched and I'm a full on Kayfaber. From discovering new books (SCOUT, BRAT PACK & CANNON) or inspired to finally pick up ones I already knew about (MAXX, STREET ANGEL, LOBO) this channel has helped keep me busy during this unusual time. Not to mention keeping me inspired on furthering not just what I do with the site but a bunch of new ideas including making my own comics.

Ed and Jim constantly put amazing comics "under the microscope" and analyze them in ways I've never seen before. They've helped me step up my game, in regards to conducting interviews, by watching their Shoot Interviews. They're questions are insightful and range from other cartoonists to publishers and comic store owners. They leave no stone unturned when delivering the best comic related content on YouTube. Some of the most interesting stuff, has been their Wizard coverage and watching how the speculation boom of the 90's, starting with the formation of Image Comics, unfolded. It's eerily reminiscent of what's happening in the industry today, which makes it even more interesting to watch.

The love for comics is evident in every single vid and the community that has grown from this channel is astounding. No matter what aspect of comics you love, the Kayfabe channel has something you'll enjoy. From talking to publishers, shop owners and other creatives, there's no place else that you can get this kind of comic book education. One message that is always clear is that the main goal is to , READ MORE COMICS!

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