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Daredevil #17 (Review)


Writer: Chip Zdarsky

Artist: Jorge Fornes

Colorist: Nolan Woodard

Publisher: Marvel

Score: 8/10

I'm a bit torn on this issue while I did find the quality of the writing and art to be in line with what we've come to expect from this series, it does play out like a track in Matt Murdock's greatest hits but not even vol. 1, it's a vol. 2 somehow. We start off with a very emotional scene that deals with Matt's usual motivation, guilt. Turns out Ms. Carraro knows about Matt killing her son and although she forgives him, she's aware of the massive guilt Matt will carry. It's a strong scene that definitely will hit you emotionally but if you're a long time fan of Daredevil, it's something we've seen many, many times at this point.

The next scene with Matt, where he visits Foggy to discuss what he's been up to with Elektra. Obviously Foggy isn't happy with Matt and he's really buying Matt claiming that he's realized he needs to be Daredevil again and that he's in control. Definitely can't blame him as we've also seen this many, many times throughout the years. While I still find the issue enjoyable, it would be interesting to instead see what Matt could accomplish if he only went after his enemies and the enemies of Hell's Kitchen as a lawyer. Maybe Foggy is on to something? We do get some development on the antagonist side of things as it seems Izzy has taken out Hammerhead in a move to take over more territory, the owl clearly not happy with this makes his own moves. Meanwhile Matt confronts the Stromwyns directly to try and extract some information. It's mostly setup so we'll see how these moves play out in the upcoming issues.

The art by Fornes is fantastic and I was very glad to see that he was still on this story arc. The art style reminds me a bit of Samnee's but without it being a direct copy. In particular the display of emotion throughout the different scenes through body language and facial expressions is great and really excels at telling what is a fairly emotional issue. It's something that is very important for series/issues like this that have a lot of scenes with characters just talking, it really helps when the art conveys the tone of the scene and the story seamlessly.

While this was definitely another solid issue in what has been a solid run, we are getting closer and closer to the normal Daredevil status quo it does seem a bit too familiar so hopefully Zdarsky has something interesting planned for Matt in the future.

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