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Decorum #1 (Review)


Writer: Jonathan Hickman

Artist: Mike Huddleston

Letterer: Rus Wooton

Design: Sasha E Head

Publisher: Image

Rating: 9/10

Fresh off the success of his X-Men relaunch and having just finished up EAST OF WEST, the unexpected has finally happened, a new creator owned book from Hickman has arrived. If any of you are familiar with his previous Image books then you know that he's a master at world building. This time he brings along Mike Huddleston on art and what we get is one of the most visually unique and complex books being published today.

The book, like most of Hickman's first issues, spends a lot of time buuilding out this new world. But this time it's the artist that does most of the heavy lifting. Huddleston gives us page after page of this new world that lasts 7 pages before we even get dialogue. At times you have no idea what you're looking at, only that it's breathtaking and could only come from the fertile mind of these two amazing creators.

The story leans heavily into the sci-fi/futuristic aspects that Hckman does so well. While we don't really no what the hell is going on in the first half of the book, it takes am interesting turn when we meet Neha. This young girl is a courier of sorts and is set on an important/dangerous mission. She's fiery and already seems so interesting that you wanna see more.

As she makes her way to the city, Huddleston takes us on a futuristic acid trip. Before introducing is to the crime lord, Doman, that Neha is heading to for the delivery. What transpires next I could never do Justice to, with my words. Hickman introduces us to Morley, the woman sent by Syndicate Major to take out/deliver a message for his betrayal. The fight scenes that takes place is choreographed to perfection by Huddleston. But Hickman's characterization of Morley depicts her as this calm, cool and collected assassin type. Together they make her such a complete badass that you'll wish to book lasted longer.

As with most of Hickman's first issues of a series, its hard to put into words just how amazing it is. Not to mention the fact that I could never truly convey the gravitas with which Huddleston brought this script to life. All I can really say, is that you HAVE to buy this book. This is a book that will keep you thinking days after you've read it. Trust me, cuz I still cant stop thinking about it.

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