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Detective Comics #1020 (Review)


Writer: Peter Tomasi

Penciller: Brad Walker

Inker: Andrew Hennessey

Colorist: Brad Anderson

Letterer: Rob Leigh

Publisher: DC

Rating: 9/10

With everyone enamored with Tom King's run and excited about Tynion's current run on BATMAN, the current Tomasi ring on DETECTIVE COMICS has been somewhat overlooked. Not only has it been consistently good, but in many ways it evokes exactly what makes a good Batman story. Tomasi leans heavy into the Detective aspect of the character and has been focusing on villains that have been somewhat ignored by other writers recently.

Take the Mr. and Mrs. Freeze arc for example. While everyone was so wrapped up in 'City of Bane', Tomasi was delivering one of the best Freeze stories I've ever read. But history speaks for itself, Tomasi has been writing great Batman stories since he wrote BATMAN AND ROBIN back during New52. So take note guys, Detective is the Batman book that deserves your hard earned cash.

With this latest arc Tomasi, reunited with artist Brad Walker, brings in Two-Face. Again, a villain that is terminally underutilized in my opinion. The opening pages show Harvey arguing with his evil half. This truly encompasses everything I love about Two-Face, the constant inner struggle he faces every day. Walker illustrates a bullet tearing through Harvey's flesh and it isnt till later that you realize what you're looking at. It's brilliant

Coming to canvass the crime scene after the gun fight that took place, Batman realizes that it was just as he suspected, Two-Face was back. Again, Tomasi shows Batman in full on Detective mode and is one of the reasons this book is so great. Coupled with Walker's exquiste angles and use of panels to illustrate Batman's brilliant mind, elevates the scene

With Harvey wounded, he seeks out someone to stitch him up. Once again his twisted mind battles with itself and can't decide which course of action to take. With Batman on the hunt for Harv, he comes across a group of hooded men attempting to burn down the Urgent Care where Harvey was. After blowing up the building they take themselves out instead of giving up Two-Face. Batman is obviously confused out this new approach of Harvey's and leads us to the cliffhanger. Two-Face has started his own cult of followers.

This issue was a great start to this arc and is exactly the type of Batman book we all should get behind. Tomasi and Walker are delivering a Batman story unhampered by current continuity and that's what makes it even better.

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