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Do You Wanna Go From A Novice To Nailing It? Then Read HEY AMATEUR!


Featuring the talents of: Over 100 of your favorite Comic Book Creatives

Cover Art: Michael Allred

Cover Color: Laura Allred

Lettering & Design: Jane Heir

Proofreading: Arlene Lo

Logo, Design & Creative Direction: Philip Bond

Editing & Curating: Shelly Bond

Publisher: Black Crown

Have you ever wanted to learn how to lucid dream? Learn how to clip the claws of an unruly cat? Or maybe you've wanted to learn how to train your doppelganger. And even better, learn how to do it in just 9 panels. Well guys you're in luck this book will teach you all that and MUCH more. Below is some of the greatest creatives ever assembled and it was done all by the punk rock listening, editing genius Shelly Bond.

Most of us comic book fans follow writers, artists, or characters. But one thing I've learned is that nothing beats the editor behind some of comics greatest achievements, which is why I'll follow Shelky Bond to any project she's helping create. This is what brought me to this boom. When she announced this Kickstarter, I immediately backed it and then did my research about it. That's how much faith I have in her. Throughout the campaign, I was lucky enough to interview her and helped promote as much as I could. Luckily this project was brought to life, because there's nothing else like it.

From the beautiful presentation in hardcover format to the texture of the paper, this is one elegant book. Each story is part personal “how-to,” part “how-so.” You can learn new skills or hone the ones you’ve got. I could go on about some of my favorite pages, but I'll just post pics of a couple of my faves. The idea for this book is not only fun and informative, but you can also discover creators you've never heard of. Or learn something new about the ones you do know. What's crazy, is that Shelly even recruited musicians, a chef and a yoga instructor to bring this to life. Both insightful and hilarious at the same time. I guarantee you wont want to put this one down.

This book is truly a labor of love and you can see it in each "How To". They all give unique perspectives into the respective creators, personalities. Where else could you learn how to roll a perfect burrito and how to be a great warrior, all in one book? Each creative was handpicked by Shelly Bond to help bring this amazing project to life, she left no stone unturned. It's amazing to see how many people she was able to bring on. It's truly a testament to the relationships she has developed over her illustrious career. Never underestimate the power of a great editor.

Now I know you're probably wondering, "how can I get my hands on this if I didn't pledge on Kickstarter?" My only suggestion would be to follow Shelly Bond @sxbond on social media and stay tuned, for the announcement of the softcover. Trust me guys this is a book you'll want in your collection.

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