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Faithless (Review)

Updated: Jan 28, 2020


Writer: Brian Azzarello

Artist: Maria Llovet

Publisher: BOOM

Rating: 8/10

I knew going in to Faithless that it was going to be sex positive, I didn’t know how positively sexy it was going to be. Brian Azzarello has crafted such a wicked tale of debauchery, but that shouldn’t be a surprise coming from the writer of 100 Bullets, Moonshine, and Batman: Damned. Thanks to Maria Llovet’s sensual art, sex drips from the pages right from the start as we are introduced to Faith, a young woman who is learning her own magical powers. She can’t explain her craft, the magic is neither simple or containable, she just knows that she has access to it. Faith quickly begins a steamy relationship with Poppy, after a chance encounter brings the two together. Poppy introduces Faith into a secret world of art, passion, and power as well as new pleasures and stranger temptations.

Faith finds that her magical powers are growing stronger, but at what cost? Her friends and family are the price she has to pay but Faith is quickly comforted by the attention and fame she achieves in the underground world of Poppy and her famous father, Louis. Their true intentions for her are unclear, and the temptations of power make Faith blind to any ulterior motives. Will she hear the call of salvation or fall victim to forces more powerful than her?

Faithless is truly a joy ride through the erotic artwork of Maria Llovet and the magical storytelling of Brian Azzarello. The sensual scenes are nothing if not gratuitous but the story doesn’t deserve any less. Do not be fooled by the sex appeal. There are some gruesome and terrifying scenes that balance out the arousing, reminding the reader that the price for pleasure is sometimes pain.

If you are neither squeamish nor prude you will enjoy the lascivious saga that Faithless volume one begins and should bring you back begging for more.

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