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Golf Story: The Golf Story Game

Golf Story is literally that, a golf "story game". You're out to prove that you got what it takes to be a golf champion. You do so by running around different golf courses and mastering each one. In order to even have a chance to play the course you have to do small quests. As someone that enjoys many different types of golf games. I have to say it's definitely one of the funnest I've played.

The golfing mechanics are straight forward so it's very easy to learn. There are options to choose your angles using different hit points to factor in wind and terrain. Get the timing right on your swing and send your ball exactly where you imagined it. The game also offers a leveling up system which leaves you to choose which type of swing you prefer. There's something about the sound effects that go along with your swing that makes every single one so satisfying. Nothing is more satisfying than when the ball hits the pole and drops straight in the hole.

At any point in an area you can throw out a golf ball to make a shot anywhere. Switches and holes are laid all around. Try to hit them to see what they do. Experience some frisbee golf and even a little mini golf. Each area has a unique look with a different theme. These elements are what makes this more than just your average golf game.

The story can be a little daunting, though the writing isn't completely terrible. It is enjoyable for the most part since it is fairly witty. You're definitely not playing this game for the in depth story. It's all about the game play for how natural it feels. I hope you all check out this super fun game.

The second installment, Sports Story, was slated for this summer. With the current pandemic I'm not entirely sure when it will make its debut but it has been highly anticipated. Sports Story will be a hodgepodge of sports all clashing together. I'm very excited to see and feel the mechanics since the first go around was such a success. Check out Side Bar Games website to see all that it's going to offer.

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