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Harley Quinn & Birds of Prey #1 Review


Writers: Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti

Artist: Amanda Conner

Colorist: Paul Mounts

Letterer: John J. Hill

Publisher: DC Comics

Rating: 8/10

When this book was first announced it seemed like the perfect way to capitalize off of the Birds of Prey movie coming out, thankfully it was so much more than that. If any of you read the Harley Quinn run by Conner and Plamiotti then you're gonna love this. It's an extension of their run while also pushing the boundaries of their signature humor to fit under the Black Label umbrella. This was a really fun book and makes miss the days that these two creators were writing Harley.

The book mainly focuses on Harley, which shouldn't come as any surprise to you guys, since that's what Conner & Palmiotti are most associated with. But this book is full of hilarious moments and an even more blatant look at the relationship between Harley and Ivy. After an opening dream sequence that is sure to make people roll their eyes, in a good way, Harley wakes up and seeks advice from Power Girl. See while on vacation Harley made a bad decision which led to her and Ivy going on a "break". With Ivy gone, her friend Tony attacked and her hotel destroyed while she was away she has no choice but to get revenge on those Flap Jawin' Fuckwads.

In order to do that though she ends up having to leave Coney Island and head to Gotham. While no. Her murderous revenge rampage, she tales outvtye goons that hurt Tony and burned her building down, catchingvthe eye of the mob boss she owes money to. This is how Huntress becomes involved, as she was staking this mafioso out.

Heading to Gotham isn't easy though, especially with Joker having a hit out on her. As she takes a quick train ride to Gotham she runs into Huntress and Cassandra Cain. The best part of the fight that ensues is the hilarious ways she takes people out. Conner and Palmiotti take full advantage of the mature rating and allow Harley to go balls out

While this book is advertised as Harley and the Birds of Prey, we dont really get to see the BOP till closer to the end of the book. But I have to say, this book was everything I loved about the previous Harley Quinn book by Plamiotti and Conner, but cranked up a few notches. The jokes become even more crass and the violence even more creative. While it's only 4 issues, this is a book I wouldn't mind reading on a regular basis. This is the perfect book to jump right into after watching the movie, and is sure to delight both fans of the movie and comics alike.

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