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Harriet Tubman Demon Slayer (Review)


Writer: David Crownson 

Artist: Courtland Ellis

Self Published/Chocolate City Comics 


You’ve probably heard of one of the most bad ass ladies in history, Harriet Tubman. But did you know that she also hunted and slayed demons? 

Just kidding. But what I’m very serious about is that you should be reading Harriet Tubman Demon Slayer written by David Crownson and illustration from Courtland Ellis. It follows a young Harriet Tubman (as well as Venus and her parents Catherine and Caeser) as they escape from the dangers of slaveholders, slave patrols, and demons. 

The real life HT was born into slavery in 1822 in Maryland. As a small child she suffered a cruel injury which caused dreams and visions, which she credited as premonitions from God. 

She is most famously known for escaping slavery and having known the horrors of captivity not only rescued most of her family but returned nearly 15 more times to rescue others. 

Harriet Tubman Demon Slayer may be set in an alternate world in the 1800s but it is still extremely relevant today. When asked why he created HTDS, David Crownson responded that he wanted to scare racist white people. “I saw neo nazi and Klan guys feeling super comfortable. That had to change.”

There is so much to enjoy about this series, from the adventure of fighting racists, the humor and emotion of family dynamics,to the world building of both familiar and surprisingly new characters. If you enjoyed stories such as Bitter Root and Killadelphia you are going to love and appreciate Harriet Tubman as she fights her way to freedom and kicks some racist demon ass along the way. 

I know I’ve read a good comic when I could easily see it as a new and upcoming series. Seriously, Netflix get on this! 

The series currently has four issues, the last of which was released on Juneteenth of this year. Issue five and six are expected to be released in October and December. 

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