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Heartbeat #3 (Review)


Writer & Artist: Maria Llovet

Letterer: Andworld Design

Translator: Andrea Rosenberg

Publisher: BOOM! Studios

8/10 Razor Blades

Mm mm mm, this was good! I have been loving this creepy, goth, erotic story so far and this issue takes the erotica up a few notches!

Let’s go ahead and face it, if you’re reading or are interested in this series, it’s most likely not due to it’s mind-blowing story. I mean, come on, to get your hands on this series, you have to ask for it because it’s tucked away behind the counter due to explicit material. If you weren’t aware that it’s an erotic series yet, SURPRISE!

The first two issues have been developing the sexual tension between our main characters, Eva and Donatien, and in this issue it comes to a head. Eva, a depressed and suicidal girl is finally happy now that she’s sharing a secret bond with Donatien. She’s found someone who opened up her world, someone she can be herself around. And now that she’s had a taste of blood, she wants more.

Not everyone is so hypnotized by Donatien though. After the murder of his sister, Mack, a friend from Eva’s childhood, is convinced that Donatien had something to do with it and he’s going to prove it. After he notices that Eva and Donatien are getting close, he decides to follow them back to Donatien’s house to spy on them. He watches them have some kinky, bloody sex that ultimately drops his jaw to the ground and most likely leaves him absolutely positive that Donatien was involved in Amber’s murder.

Over the course of three issues, there’s been another side story involving Eva’s bully, Violette. In the first issue, it’s clear that a severe altercation went down between the two and it left Eva bruised and bandaged. Violette doesn’t stop there though, she continues to harass Eva. In this third issue though, we get a small glimpse of Violette and what’s going through her mind behind closed doors. I’m intrigued to see where this goes.

I absolutely love the art and colors in this series. While it’s clear that Llovet prefers to draw a particular set of girls (Same Face Syndrome), I never get tired of it. Jess, an employee at my LCS even pointed out to me that Faith from Faithless and Eva are essentially the same girl. She’s right, you could swap them in the series and you probably wouldn’t even notice. If the art in these two series don’t fit your personal tastes and aesthetics, you might not enjoy this, but I feel like Maria Llovet draws for me personally. The details in the background of the panels bring the art to life while still keeping it relatively simple. I’m obsessed with the chocolate bars Eva’s constantly eating.

The colors are somber and sad, almost dull and washed out and I actually love it. Me, the queen of bright, bold vibrant. The palette Llovet uses for this series matches it’s tone completely and truly expresses how Eva sees the world. The colors remind me a lot of Pretty Deadly, another series that’s colors matched the tone of the story completely.

(If you or someone you know is having suicidal thoughts, you can call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at (800) 273-8255. You will be connected to a certified crisis center in the area the call was placed. The call is free and confidential.)

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