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Indie Comic Showcase: The Baboon


Writer: Jamie Jones

Artist: Jamie Jones

Colorist: Jamie Jones

Letterer: Jamie Jones

Publisher: Bow Tie Press

Continuing the coverage of cartoonists in the indie world, today I'm taking a look at the work of Jamie Jones. His work was brought to my attention from the WIZƎRD MEGAZINE. I loved his cartoonish art style, color palette and lettering skills; this dude has it all. After reading that small sample of his work, I had to find out how the story continued.

His character, The Baboon, is a "love letter to the pulp stories of the 40s and 50s." As I read this book it gave me a sense of nostalgia. It gave off an old school "Saturday Morning Cartoon" vibe with a twist of modern sensibilities. The influence of Batman & Robin and old Hannah Barbera is apparent throughout these stories, giving it a feeling of lightheartedness but also interjected with heavier themes but never taking itself to seriously.

"To the world at large, The Baboon is a nothing more than a government myth. A figure of the shadows taking down evils wherever they lurk. To his crew -three of the greatest heroes of their time- he is a man of daring and compassion, who will stop at nothing to defend the world from the greatest evils known to man."

The Baboon and his team are a close-knit "family" and as such have realistic issues as they seek to take down their adversaries. In just a few pages Jones' characterizations are fully realized and engages the reader, making you want to read the next adventures of The Baboon and his crew.

Something that really shines through is the relationship between The Baboon and his adopted nephew, Jamie. After the loss of his parents, Jamie enters the world of crimefighting with his uncle as his new sidekick, Monkey Bones. It's this relationship that is really the heart of this book and leads to some interesting plot points and even a shocking moment that will make you gasp.

So far Jamie Jones has released a hardcover collection (The Baboon: The Mustelid Menace) and even a few mini comics (The Baboon vs. Pipsqueak & The Baboon In Good Coffee). He got all 3 of these and let me say, each one is well worth every penny.

If you wanna check these out you can buy them directly from Jamie at the link below

You can also follow him on his social media accounts

Instagram: @artofjamiejones

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