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Inkblot #1 (Review)


Creators: Emma Kubert & Rusty Gladd

Publisher: Image Comics

I guess if I’m being completely honest, I’m already biased for this review. When I saw the cover and the general idea of the story, I already wanted to love it so hard.

Inkblot is the type of story who, if you’re a crazy cat person like me, got you from the start. Just with the fantastic marketing and visual, they got my complete attention.

There is so much I loved about that first number.

Inkblot is about a sorceress who encounters her greatest creation: a magical black cat who can travel through space-time and who was created from a magical splat of ink (get it: ink blot?).

A first issue is always different to review as a full Trade since you only get a tiny glimpse of the story. But it is very important for the creative team to be able to capture me from the beginning in order for me to follow them on the long run.

I like to divide the way I look at a first issue in three separate categories:




So let’s dive in Inkblot #1 without further ado.

Character wise, Inkblot had me. Like I said, by seeing “little cat” from the very first time, I was already sold on the characters. I am myself the property of a black cat (because if you were not aware: cats are the ones who own you, not the other way around) and I always appreciate to see adorable fur babies in my stories. The simplicity of the drawing makes it even more lovable and I’m all for it!

Not so fun fact: Black cats have a very bad reputation to bring bad luck to their household. This reputation comes from a long time ago... when we were burning witches at the stakes, black cats being the sign of a witchcraft practitioner. Involuntary, black cats are still a burden with a bad reputation nowadays. Still to this day, black cats are less likely to be adopted. It’s not a myth, just google it and you’ll see tons of articles and statistics talking about how black cats are often left behind in shelters. That’s a reason, I guess, I am very happy to see such a whimsical character!

Back to my review:

The principal character seems pretty cool, although you don’t really learn a lot about her in this issue. In all honesty, without the solicit we would never know how powerful of a sorceress she actually is. There are still many questions left unanswered, but that’s (sometimes) a good thing for a first issue: you are eager and curious to read what’s next!

Which brings me to talk about the events:

This first number essentially revolves around setting the mood to fully understand the actions.Not much happens in this first number, but we are still able to have a great idea of how it’s gonna turn out for the rest.

“Little Cat” proceeds to open different doors to the compelling worlds regrouped in this story. It’s a great and absolutely stunning demonstration of the illustrations we are to expect from this new series.

So now following up with the universe in which the story takes place, you probably already guest it: I loved it!

It is very smart to have such a high fantasy type of stories taking place in a universe with so many possibilities. It definitely leaves place to a lot of different situations and opportunities that will guarantee a perfect ongoing story.

Overall, this first number was amazing! I give it a great 4 stars out of 5 and I am very excited to keep following the adventure of “Little Cat” and its master!

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