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Intergalactic Long Haul Truckers & Space Magic (Sea of Stars Vol.1 Review)


Writers: Jason Aaron & Dennis Hallum

Artist: Stephen Green

Colorist: Rico Renzi

Letters/Design: Jared K. Fletcher

Editor: Will Dennis

Publisher: Image

Rating: 9/10 Space Sharks

Jason Aaron. A father/son story. Pretty colors. Putting those three things together when Sea of Stars was announced was all I needed to know I would be giving this series a read. Aaron alone had already cemented himself as one of my all-time favorite writers with how invested I became in the epic he told in his time writing Thor (Jane Foster and Odinson). Despite grabbing the issues for Sea of Stars, however, I knew after the first issue and how good it got me, that this would be a read I wanted to tackle when it completed the first volume. Thankfully I didn’t need to wait too long, with the comic community’s votes putting this to be the next I traverse. Spoilers ahead!

Blast Off For Story!

Aaron’s and Hallum’s story puts us on the open space road as we are introduced to our two main characters, Gil, a space trucker, and Kadyn, his almost nine-year-old son. Immediately you know that their relationship is not the strongest as the young boy isn’t that interested in his dad’s work, and while Gil loves his son (if it’s not apparent in these first couple pages for anyone it will be really clear what the expression to love someone to the end of the universe and back means for this dad) he has a tough time communicating on account that his job has not been great for spending time with his family through the years. Any heart to heart that this father and son are about to have is cut short as a giant space monster attacks the ship and separating our two characters. Kadyn is now in the company of a space monkey and dolphin who watch as the child discovers he has space magic while across the stars is a worried father who will go to great lengths to find his boy.

I feel like the writers really had an awesome balance of tone being told from the characters’ perspectives as they progress along with the main story. Kadyn, now in possession of some strange magic that makes him do almost anything (most notably survive in space without a suit), finds himself exploring the stars in excitement. This is an awesome opportunity for Green and Renzi to explore the space and leave me in awe at every panel as I share this child’s awe at everything he is experiencing. It’s also where we get a bit more ominous foreshadowing and exposition given through the friends Kadyn has made. Meanwhile, across the space pod, Aaron and Hallum present a much more stressful story for Gil. Gil is low on suit power, barely hanging in their the little oxygen left, and seriously beat to hell. The emotional weight of Sea of Stars could be felt the most hear as this father is going to extraordinary and life-threatening lengths to track down his son’s beacon built into his helmet. Where Kadyn’s story has been fun and not even a space shark can hurt him, everything Gil is faced with feels like this could be it for him and had me at the edge of my emotional seat.

Ground Control Are You Seeing How Pretty This Is?

The thing that grabbed me most about this series I quickly learned was the art. Stephen Green gives us an amazing cosmos to explore in this read with some of the best sci-fi looks in comics I have seen. From the biggest planets to the smallest space creature, I found myself flipping through pages looking over at Green’s designs a lot during this read. The style of Green’s art did well between both character’s little journeys as with Kadyn, Green’s art showed us the beauty and awe of space and the creatures in it (albeit some could definitely be terrifying). With Gil, on his search to find his son while trying to stay alive, Green delivered panel after panel of near-death sequences for our space dad that had me holding my breath for the already oxygen lacking Gil. Every panel was filled to be fully fleshed out and didn’t feel wasted with few panels that would only provide blank space to highlight a tense moment. But the colors, the colors! Renzi’s coloring in this story won me over the moon with how beautiful every panel was to look at. The use of blues, purples, and pinks as the series’ main color palette was an easy grab for me. With oranges for the spacesuits to help track where Gil was as well as a couple of other bright vibrant colors popping up throughout the read, every page was like reliving the first time being in awe of fireworks with how pretty everything would burst with color on each page.

Reentering Final Thoughts Atmosphere

Sea of Stars definitely left a great impression for me. It’s touching story of a father and son separated, and the lengths a dad would go to to be reunited with his boy tugs at the old heartstrings and won me over as I cheer for Aaron and Hallum to bring this two back together. Paired with amazing art from Green and Renzi, these two shape the cosmos in the universe they’ve built in this story, showing both the wonder of space, as well as the things that can be truly terrifying. My timer is set for how long it’s going to be before a movie is made of this story because it is one that will stick with me for a long time. In the meantime, don’t let this read be Halley’s Comet and pass you by if you are into sci-fi themes or looking for some good father/son stories. Check your local shop or wherever you get your comics and give this one your attention.

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