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Jim Rugg Launches Outlaw/Blacklight Comic

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Jim Rugg has launched a project that is both exciting and groundbreaking at the same time. Known mostly for his books STREET ANGEL, AFRODISAC & PLAIN JANES, this is his first Kickstarter project. With OCTOBRIANA 1976, he's creating the world's first fluorescent comic.

Set in the 1970s, which is perfect for the blacklight aesthetic, the story follows a badass Russian superhero who fights oppression. Rugg has also stated that the story is largely inspired by underground comix of the 70s.

"Octobriana comes from the book Octobriana and the Russian Underground (1971) by Petr Sadecky. It's about a subversive group of artists and writers in Kiev in the 1960s who create a western-style superhero character as an act of dissent. They made outlaw comics called samizdat (publish-it-yourself <-- reminds me of zines in the US or dojinshi in Japan) that starred Octobriana. Sadecky smuggled this material out of the USSR for his book. Since then, Octobriana has appeared in several comic books across many decades and countries. She seemed like a perfect character for American underground comix - a show of solidarity with their Russian countercultural kin."

This book has already made it's goal 7 times over, as of this writing, thank in large part to the awesome community of Cartoonist Kayfabe fans.. But that doesn't mean it can't use your support. With some awesome pledge levels, including some original art and hardcovers of previous work, there is plenty of stuff for new and old fans to be excited about. Not to mention that we haven't even learned about the stretch goals that might come out.

Click the link below to help back this awesome comic

You can also find Rugg at

or check out the Kayfabe YouTube channel

Here is a link to the video they put talking about the original Octobriana Underground Comic


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