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Legacy of Speed (Flash #750 Review)

FLASH #750


Writer: Joshua Williamson

Pencillers: Rafa Sandoval & Stephen Segovia

Inkers: Jordi Tarragona & Stephen Segovia

Colorist: Arif Prianto

Letterer: Steve Wands


Writer: Geoff Johns

Artist: Scott Kolins

Colorist: Michael Atiyeh

Letterer: Rob Leigh


Writer: Francis Manapul & Brian Buccellato

Artist: Francis Manapul

Letterer: Joshua Reed


Writer: Marv Wolfman

Artist: Riley Rossmo

Colorist: Ivan Plascencia

Letterer: Deron Bennett


Writer: Joshua Williamson

Artist: David Marquez

Colorist: Alejandro Sanchez

Letterer: Steve Wands


Writer: Scott Lobdell

Penciller: Brett Booth

Inker: Norm Rapmund

Colorist: Luis Guerrero

Letterer: Troy Petteri

Publisher: DC


The day has finally come, the 750th issue of The Flash. I've been looking forward to this anniversary issue more than any other one that DC has put out over the past couple years. Maybe it's because Flash is my favorite character or maybe, its because of the stellar collection of creators. Actually it's both if those and more. Joshua Williamson has been writing the hell out of this book for over 4 years and gets better with each passing arc. This issue sees the 1st part of the epic "Flash Age", Geoff John's writing Wally, an awesome Jay Garrick story and more. This is how you give the fans a reason to be excited about an oversized issue.

Since there are 6 stories I'll talk about a little each one and what I thought of them.

First off is "Flash Age pt.1". Williamson along with Rafa Sandoval & Stephen, Segovia, deliver an exciting new chapter in Barry's life while also presenting him with one of the toughest foes he's ever faced. The bulk of the story focuses on Barry and Iris and the happiness Barry has finally allowed him self to find. Along the way we see the profound affect Flash has had on the citizens of Central City, through the eyes of people Iris has interviewed for an article. But of course the threat of Paradox has reared its head and brings Godspeed back into the picture. Sandoval and Segovia's styles flow seamlessly together and the deliver every emotional beat and action scene to perfection. With the very existence of the Flash legacy at stake, how will Barry get out of this one? This why Williamson is the king of cliffhangers. It's also why his name will forever be synonymous with Flash.

The next story, "Beer Run", hit all sorts of nostalgic feelings and brought a smile to my face. It's been a long time since we've seen Geoof John's and Scott Kolins on a Flash story, and they proved once again why they're the best. With a story told from the perspective of Captain Cold it transported me back to Johns and Kolins' original run on the title. A simple run to the corner store for beer turns into a foiled robber attempt, but Cold is the one who stopped it. One of the best parts of this had to be seeing Morillo and Chyre again. But the thing that really made happy was seeing Wally, Linda and the twins again. I'm not sure how it fits into continuity but I don't care, it was just so awesome to see them again. John's also writes Cold like no one else, he's so tragic yet so relatable at the same time. This is why he's my favorite Rogue.

The reuniting of Francis Manapul & Brian Buccelato on the story "Why You" was an absolute treat. I for one think that their run during the New52 era was one of the highlights of that time. They made Barry more relatable and fun to read. In this story, set in current continuity, has Iris asking Barry an interesting question "Why does the Flash have to be you?". It sets up the debut of an interesting new power of Barry's Barry's we've never seen before, "The Speed Mind". It allows him to mentally send his consciousness into the Speed Force and check on other timelines. We get to see other people take on the mantle of Flash, one of which will really surprise you. But at the heart of the story it shows us that anyone can be the Flash but Barry is glad that he's the one that Carrie's the mantle. Seeing Manapul illustrate a Flash story reminds us all why he's one of the best to ever do it. With his clever use of panels and depictions of speed, he's a true master.

Up next is "Flash of All Worlds", by Marv Wolfman & Riley Rossmo. This one is pure superhero fun at its finest. Flash goes up against Mirror Master and what we get is like walking straight into a carnival fun house. Rossmo does a great job of bringing to life all of Barry's transformations as Mirror Master uses his mirror weapon in all sorts of crazy ways. But at the end of it Flash is of course triumphant. This type of story we don't get to see to often, but its always fun when we do. Just a good, old fashioned hero/villain battle.

This nex story, "At The Starting Line", was so effing cool. Williamson, along with David Marquez, bring us a Jay Garrick story that brings him right back I to continuity. His updated costume design by Marquez was amazing and it was just so cool to see Jay again. This short story showcased why Jay is so important to the DCU, we get a brief rundown on his history and even get to see him go up against The Thinker. It ties into the new timeline where Wonder Woman was DC's first superhero. Jay mentions being inspired by her and why it pushes him to be a better hero. As he's fighting Thinker, Professor Zoom whispers in his ear, that Jay will be forgotten. Shaking of the mysterious voice, he races off to face the future head on. What this means for Jay going forward is anyone's guess, but I will say that I think Williamson and Marquez need to do a Jay Garrick book.

The final story is "Flash Forward: Epilogue" by Scott Lobdell and Brett Booth. While I had my issues with FLASH FORWARD, this story was actually really intriguing. With his new powers Walky can see everything major event/timeline in DC's history. With so many conflicting memories and events he sets out to fix everything. Now this is how Wally should have been written in FLASH FORWARD, his characterization seems more natural and more in line with his personality. The ramifications from this story are sure to set the DCU off on this whole 5G thing and actually makes me excited at the possibilities.

Overall this book was an absolute success and every story was great. Once again the Flash family is at the center of major changes in the DCU, and I couldn't be happier. This shows everyone why the entire Flash family is so important and what makes each one so unique. This is a Flash book that will all Flash fans rejoice. So run out and grab a copy, you won't wanna miss this one.

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