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March - Time To Celebrate Female Creators

March 8th is a special day: International Women’s Day. To celebrate, I thought we could highlight the work of some amazing women from the comic industry. Those incredible women behind all the powerful female characters that we love!

Fiona Staples


If you don’t know Fiona, you might be leaving under a rock. She is the incredible artist behind the acclaimed SAGA and other memorable cover art for different comic series. She won multiple prizes for best artist. Her work is memorable for her iconic style in an even more iconic series.

My Favorite Work: Obviously SAGA

But also her work for some variant covers, especially the one for the RAT QUEENS one-shot special Orc-Dave #1

Sana Takeda


Her style is just memorable. You can recognize her art right away. She has this beautiful traditional Japanese/manga essence with a touch of American style that is often described as “East meets West” and it gives an incredible modern and hypnotic twist.

My favorite work: She is the artist for one of my favorite series ever: MONSTRESS Her work for the covers of AGE OF CONAN: BELIT is also fabulous.

Marjorie Liu Writer

Not only is she a talented writer, she is also committed to make the comic industry more inclusive to everyone. She was even nominated in 2013 for a GLAAD Award (“for outstanding media images of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community that inspire change”) for her work on Astonishing X-Men.

My favorite work:

Again, MONSTRESS. Her teaming up with Sana Takeda is a power team like no other. In MONSTRESS, she also perfectly demonstrates how inclusive her writing is by including a range of amazing characters.

Jenny Frison


Another artist with a highly recognizable style. Every time I see her work on any Marvel/DC cover, I want to pick it up even if I know I will never read it. She has this “it” factor that makes you quickly fall in love with her work.

My favorite work: Variant cover for SOMETHING IS KILLING THE CHILDREN #1 And let’s not forget those gorgeous covers she did for Wonder Woman…. I can’t stop thinking about them even though I don’t really care about the character!

Joelle Jones Artist & Writer

Joelle Jones could be qualified as a double threat. She is a good artist, with beautiful illustrations… But she’s also an equally good writer. She worked multiple time as an artist for different comics from Marvel and DC but she also put on her “writer” hat for a story with Dark Horse in 2015 (with co-creator Jamie S. Rich)

My favorite work: The story she wrote of course! LADY KILLER is a really fun and interesting comic that I simply adore. I strongly recommend reading it if it’s not already done!

Liana Kangas

Artist I think Liana is one of my best discoveries of 2019 with her work for Vault Comics. She is not only incredibly talented, she is also super friendly! I follow her closely on Instagram and she has shared a lot of amazingly gorgeous pieces of art. Please follow her.

My favorite work: Her work in SHE SAID DESTROY (TP now available). Her drawings just make my life happier.

I could go on and on and on mentioning all these incredibles women who work in the comic industry. We are lucky to be surrounded by talent everywhere we look.

I would like to leave this article with some other honorable mentions:

Kelly Sue DeConnick, for her work on BITCH PLANET

Jen Bartel, for her work on BLACK BIRD

And the fan favorite of my recent Instagram survey: Gail Simone

In honor of this beautiful day, please let us know what woman inspires you! Tag us @thecomiclounge so we can share it as well!

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