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On Thin Ice - Frostbite Review

The world is a cold place, and not just in the merciless and uncaring way, it is literally hell frozen over in this post-apocalyptic landscape. Due to science gone wrong, the world has frozen over, and every day people fight and kill for whatever will keep them warm. But there is not much more deadly than the terrifying Frostbite plaque, which freezes you from the inside out! There is no cure, no medicine, and no way to stop it, unless Dr. Henry Bonham and his daughter, Victoria, have found a lead to a theoretical cure. Enter Keaton, captain of the Icebreaker, and her mercenary crew, who are tasked with ferrying the doctors to their destination, Alcatraz island. With miles and miles of snowcapped terrain and ice waiting for them, can they survive the elements while being hunted?

Frostbite is six issue miniseries from writer Joshua Williamson (of Flash fame) and artist Jason Shawn Alexander, which takes max fury road mashed with ice road truckers, as Keaton and her team must survive the triple threat of the elements, the other mercs and crazies gunning for them, and whatever survives the cold. I was unfamiliar with this mini until someone recommended it to me as a hidden gem in the Vertigo library.

While it is not doing anything terribly new, I’ve read my fair share of new ice age stories, it is still an entertaining slice of science fiction. Keaton makes a big judgement call early on that weighs heavy on her mind the whole story, lives are lost, and it’s a bitter battle for survival the whole way. Williamson has just enough action to keep you hooked, and the variety of weirdos who have their own defining style between ice warrior woman, manic firefighter-ease pyros, and rich kid traders are all wonderfully designed and depicted by Alexander’s brilliant art. I will even point out there are a few twists and turns by the end that leave you wondering what else could happen.

Frostbite is a quick adrenaline filled ride; one you can knock out in one sitting. If you are looking for an entertaining graphic novel without fluff or super heroics, or even just loved Fury Road and want more of that, this is the book for you. It just does not have enough meat on it’s cold bones to warrant high praise. With a bittersweet end, it leaves me a bit hot and cold.

6 warm blankets out of 10

Writer: Joshua Williamson Artist: Jason Shawn Alexander Publisher: Vertigo

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