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Quarantined? I got you

We are living in uncertain times and most of us are either struggling with no money at home, working from home or trying to keep the kids busy at home. Either way, we are all staying safe in the comfort of our houses and I thought it might be nice to share with you some different ways to easily access comics - for free or at least by supporting your local comic store.

Let’s start with where to find free comics!

Lots of companies decided to offer free access to some PDF comics and since some of us might be a little short on money, it’s a good solution to keep us busy.

Free comics on Comixology

You have a small section on where you can find free access to some comics. And…. there are some GOOD ones on there! You can find the first numbers of some great hit series like Umbrella Academy, the Walking Dead, and Black Hammer (including some fun titles for the kids too). But what I really want you to check out is the complete first volume of Hellboy for Free!!! Isn’t it fantastic?! To find the section, just go under “Browse” and select “Free Comics”. That’s it, all you need is to explore all those cool titles!

Image Comics Free First issue:

I know that we don’t JUST want to read the first issue. But when it’s free and it helps you discover super cool new titles, why not?

Image Comics has a complete section where they display all the first numbers of their most popular series. My recommendations: Little Bird, Isola and I Hate Fairyland of course! Just head over or on the website click on “Comics” then “Read First Issues” and then hop you go!

Kid and Adult Friendly:

Other cool publishers have a cool selection of free comics like Dark Horse for example:

You can visit and click on their Free section. Unfortunately compared to other publishers, Dark Horse free collection is a little more all over the place: you have a bunch of random numbers and samplers. However, you can find great titles for kids like the Disney series… or my favorites: Avatar or The Legend of Korra.

Free Story Attic comics:

Now this one might be my favorite ever. I reviewed a couple of months ago a comic that I simply adored (The Heart of the Hollow World) written by Doug Lefler. I mentioned in that same review how you can read the entire series (24 chapters) for free on

I strongly recommend you checking it out….AND they have lots of other cool looking stories on the same website that I have yet to discover. It is an easy website to navigate and you can have access to entire stories and not just the first number!

Free Sunstone Comics?!:

Yes, you read that right! Stjepan Sejic the writer of this incredibly acclaimed erotic/romantic comic series shared all 6 volumes for FREE on Twitter last month and I still can’t believe it. How incredibly generous! Like I said in a previous article, Sunstone isn’t a story about sex. It’s a story about love (and we kind of really need love right now) Mature readers only, and worth every page!

Follow the link:

Not Free, but a good action nonetheless:

Lots of publishers also decided to take part in helping different LCS to stay afloat. I am thinking about TKO who committed to offering 50% of their gain from any comics purchases on their website to give to your favorite LCS. What's awesome about this is that YOU get to decide what LCS you want to help by including the name of your store in the comment section. Interested? Visit their website: I really want to get Jeff Lemire’s book “Sentient” once I am comfortable enough with my income (unfortunately, bills have priorities over comics. Uurgh Adulting, am I right?).

I also need to mention It’s Alive Press who offers a generous promotion of Pay-As-You-Wish for Comic Book PDFs. That can be an interesting idea if you are short on money. This promotion will go until the end of April and is the perfect way to discover some of their awesome titles like “Pink Lemonade”. For more information go visit their Instagram page @itsalivepress.

Recently they also joined TKO by introducing the same offer: include the name of the store you want to help and they’ll receive half of what you spent. For this promotion, you can just shop on their online store:

And let’s not forget about Renegade Arts Entertainment a Canadian publisher who also joined the trend of giving 50% of your purchase to your favorite store! On my reading list: Pass Me By, a Canadian comic with absolutely stunning art! For the online store or visit their Instagram: @renegadeartsent.

With that all said, I can’t stress the importance of supporting your LCS. I know we all need help in those times of need and that’s why I am happy to share some little tips here and there on where to find cool reads. The thing is, your LCS is also having a hard time and if we want to still have them when the crisis is over, put a little money aside and when you have enough, order a gift card or a book, anything!

Don’t forget that it’s not just about a healthy body… it’s about a healthy mind too! And what better than entertaining stories and incredible art to keep our mind healthy and busy? That’s why comics are an absolute favorite medium of mine!

Stay safe everyone!

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