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Rise and Shine (Captain Marvel The End #1 Review)


Writer: Kelly Thompson

Artist: Carmen Carnero

Colorist: David Curiel

Letterer: VC’s Travis Lanham

Cover Artist: Rahzzah

Publisher: Marvel

Rating: 9/10 Ham Sandwiches

What can be said about Kelly Thompson and her work at Marvel that I already haven’t praised? Among the increasing number of titles she continues to dominate at writing, her run on Captain Marvel has been by far my most favorite. It’s turned me into a big fan of Carol. It’s only fitting with all the great storytelling Thompson has done so far, that with a one-shot about what Captain Marvel’s final moments would be, that Kelly would be the one to see us through to it in Captain Marvel The End. A fair warning for spoilers ahead!

It’s the year 2051 and our first page opens up with Carnero giving us a very powerful looking Carol who’s glowing up like a lite-brite thanks to Curiel’s beautiful colors. Traveling among the stars, Carol is helping those in need when she gets a call to return to an Earth she thought lost from civilization wiping itself out with weapons. Not all is lost Carol connects with the post-apocalyptic survivors and reunites with old friends. I really enjoyed the cameos of characters in here, from some characters that Thompson has used in some of her other more recent series, to characters like Emma Frost who I was not expecting. These reunions with Carol are great as Carnero gives so many amazing close-up panels of Carol and others interacting and shows up much they have endured and what it means to have Captain Marvel there. All this paired with a great mix of Thompson’s writing that blended in some emotional dialogue and light humor between two friends reuniting after so long.

This really was one hell of an issue to have Captain Marvel go out on. The team on this delivered the very best with a cool premise, great action sequences, and overall just really great moments between the characters in this story. By the end of this issue, I was left really hoping that within the main universe or not, that some of the kids of well-known heroes make an appearance again. Hopefully, this won’t be the last time we this design for Captain Marvel either as it was super beautiful on the page. By the time I finished this issue, I felt that its ending had a very nice resemblance to All-Star Superman, in that it really showed how much Carol will be there for others, and make the sacrifices needed. While this looks like THE END for this Carol, don’t pass up the opportunity to see Kelly Thompson take Captain Marvel higher, further and faster in her current ongoing series.

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