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Robin: Wanted (Review)


Writer: Adam Beechen

Artist: Freddie Williams II

Artists, pages 6-27: Karl Kerschl w/ Wayne Faucher & Prentis Rollins

Colorists: Guy Major & Nathan Eyring

Letterers: Jared K. Fletcher, Trvis Lanham & Phik Balsman

Publisher: DC

Rating: 8/10

Growing up in the 90's, I've always had a deep love for the characters of that time and none more so than Tim Drake. He's my favorite and, in my opinio, the best Robin. Not to take anything away from Dick Grayson, but I think his best days were when he left Bruce and became Nightwing. Tim was always more brains than brawn, but dont get it twisted he was no slouch in the fighting department. He had a brilliant mind and under the guidance of both Batman and Nightwing, he became one of the most gifted partners Batman ever had.

This volume take place during the "One Year Later" initiative that took place after Infinite Crisis. Not only did we see Robin don an updated costume, which till this day is my favorite of his, but with the time jump there was a whole year that we knew nothing about. While that year was being explored concurrently in 52, the weekly comic that took place directly after the conclusion of Infinite Crisis, we were still left trying to put the pieces in the puzzle.

Adam Beechen along with Freddie Williams II, and Karl Kerschl for 1 issue, delivered one hell of a story. The first few issues deal with Robin being framed for the murder of Batgurl (Cassandra Cain). It turns out that it was actually Lynx, who had ties to the League of Assassins. With the police hunting him, he has no idea what he's in store for. But after a brief meeting with Lady Shiva and breaking out Cassandra's father David out of prison, he learns who framed him. It was none other than Cassandra. She sees Tim as the perfect partner to help lead the League of Assassins with her. Throughout out this tale we see the brilliant detective skill and fighting prowess that Tim has. Beechen also eludes to the time that Tim, Dick and Bruce spent bonding over the missing year which strengthened their relationship.

Tim has dealt with so much loss, I clouding his father recently, so Cassandra's betrayal hits him pretty hard. Beechen has such a great handle on what makes Tim such a great character and rereading this story now, made me live ot all over again.

This last arc sees Tim, reluctantly, having to team up with the son of the man who murdered his father, Captain Boomerang. Tim has no choice but to team up with him in order to take down A series of former villain hideouts in order to stop a nuclear weapon from going off. Even though this story was only 2 issues, it was so much fun seeing these 2 play off each other. Boomerang just wanted to prove that he's not his father and sought forgiveness. While Tim never gave it to him, it showed the strength of his character to put personal issues aside when it came to saving people.

This was early art from Freddie Williams II, his style perfectly suited this book. While his art style has changed from these issues, it's really cool to look back and see how its grown. One thing I'll say, is that he always had a knack for choreographing great fight scenes and continues to do so to this day.

Overall, this book just makes me yearn for the days of pre-Flashpoint DC. The ROBIN series was always one of my favorites and I wish we could get another Tim Drake solo book. But until that day comes, at least I and other fans can continue to read these awesome tales.

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