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Some of My Favorite Sidekicks

We always talk about our favorite superheroes or leading characters in any comic. But sometimes, secondary characters or sidekicks are just as important!

In some cases, they are the heart of the principal character itself, guiding them through all their adventures.

In those uncertain times where the unknown might be frightening, it might be nice to celebrate those little characters that bring us joy, laughter or simply warm our hearts. Today is as good as any day to just sit down and share with you 5 of my favorite sidekicks/secondary characters!

Starting with one of the most iconic ever:

Lying Cat - SAGA

I am not even trying to be original here. For me, if you don’t like Lying Cat…Well, you’re probably LYING. There is just something so sweet in his loyalty to the other characters. Although Lying Cat doesn’t know many words, it’s enough to have won my heart. It’s the kind of character that you don’t see much… but you want to see more. It’s the kind of character that brings an entirely different emotional range to the story: I can’t even explain how often I almost cried (...ok maybe I even did cry) thinking it was the end for the little blue creature. It might be because I am a crazy cat lady myself…


If I had a spirit animal… it would be Larry. I’m not kidding. Larry just doesn’t give a sh*t. And I can relate to that. Gert without Larry wouldn’t be as fun. He is just so over it all the time. He feels like me when I’m tired of my job but still tries my best not to get someone killed… or kill them myself. He is the very definition of having no choice but to get through a really long and painful day at work (in his case it’s more like a long and painful 30 years… buuuut….).


I often surprise myself thinking about Fox. First of all: Fox has no name. He is just this little furry guide who helps Abel through his journey… without being too involved in the story. It’s not only the voice given to the character, but also the physical representation in the drawings. Fox feels so light and soft. Wise, but mysterious at the same time. It’s a really interesting choice of character since foxes are often represented as sneaky and vile. I was a little on the fence at the beginning of the story thinking it would easily take a different turn. I am glad they chose this character, it really makes the story all the more original.


Now, I am far from having finished reading Descender but from what I’ve read, Driller has a really special place in my heart. “Driller is a killer, Driller is a real killer,” says it all. Both sad and heartbreaking, this simple quote paired with the rest of his story just makes my heart hurt. For me (and as far as I’ve read), Driller is the perfect symbol of fighting what we were programmed to do to follow what we really are. Not gonna lie, Driller is my favorite part of Descender.

Franky - THE GOON

Let’s be honest, The Goon is a fantastic series… But Goon as a character doesn’t really have a stand-alone personality. I think that’s why Franky is such an important character in the story. I’m not even really sure if we can say he’s a sidekick because, without Franky, there wouldn’t be any Goon adventures. He has a loud mouth and often creates trouble himself. He is funny and crazy and always over the top. I would not have as much fun reading The Goon if Franky wasn’t there.

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