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Spotlight Interview with Greg Rucka (Audio)

What can I say about Greg Rucka that you guys don't already know? Over the course of his career he's worked on such comics as Action Comics, Batwoman, Detective Comics, Gotham Central & Wonder Woman for DC; Punisher, Wolverine & Elektra for Marvel. His creator owned workthough is, in my opinion, some of his greatest work (Queen & Country, Black Magick, Whiteout, Old Guard and Lazarus). His characterization and world building skills make him one of the best writers working in comics. For some of my Rucka Reading Recommendations, click the link below

His current projects Lois Lane, Old Guard Vol.2, and Lazarus: Risen continue to be some of the best books on the stands. No matter what book he's writing it's always at the top of the read pile. Alright that's enough out of me guys, her for Marvel. His creator owned work is, in my opinion, some of his greatest work (e you enjoy it. Make sure you hit the subscribe button on the YouTube channel and stay tuned for more awesome interviews

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