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Strange Adventures #1 (Review)


Writer: Tom King

Artists: Mitch Gerads & Evan Shaner

Letterer: Clayton Cowles

Publisher: DC

Rating: 10/10

This book has been highly anticipated from the moment Tom King & Mitch Gerads finished MISTER MIRACLE. Everyone wondered what these two would do next. When it was announced that it would be an Adam Strange book, the comic book community lost their minds and the possibilities of what this series could be. Then they announced they were bringing in Evan Shaner on art as well, and my jaw dropped. Oh yeah, we cant forget that they also brought in a co-star, Mister Terrific. Yet another character whose potential will only grow from here. I couldn't have imagined where they would go with this book, bit after this first issue I couldn't be more excited.

The book has two different stories that are told parallel to each other. One focuses on his time on Earth and the other his time on Rann. Having two artists certainly helps deliver these two stories nun such a seamless way that you're never bothered by the change in style.


On Earth, Adam is hailed as a hero and is on a book tour where he's promoting a book he wrote of his time on Rann. King once again gives a story unlike any we've ever experienced. He puts this hero in a situation not often seen in comics. The hilarity of a mundane task such as going on book signings for a man that has defended an entire planet, is brilliant. Along for the ride is his beautiful Rannian wife, Alanna, who also seems to be his manager. The only person missing is his daughter Aleena, which seems like her absence may be important.

When the hook of the story makes itself known, is where the book really takes off for me. When one of the angry people at the book signings ends up dead, Adam is the suspect. They guys accused Adam of war crimes against the Pyktt, an alien race that Adam defended Rann against. It was this war that Adam was fighting that takes place during the story running parallel to the present.

Shaner does a fantastic job of evoking a modern/silver age amalgamation that lends itself perfectly to this book. The scenes on Rann are funa and really showcase WHO Adam Strange is for all of those who may not be familiar with the character. The look on Alanna's face when worried about their daughter is foreboding of what may take place later in the book.

With these accusations thrust at Adam, he makes a public statement where he professes his innocence. While some paint him as a war criminal and the other side hails him as a hero. It parallels so much of what is going on in society today without beating you over the head with it. Wanting to prove his innocence he seeks out Batman to lead the investigation but is denied, which is where Mister Terrific comes in to play.

Gerads art is on a whole other level with this book. He's churning out, what I believe is, the best art of his career. He breathes life and emotion into each character and gives the reader all the subtle hints in the characters face that gives a deeper insight into what they're thinking.

Overall, I think this book is already shaping up to be the Book of the Year. These guys continue to push the boundaries of what the comic book medium is capable of and proves that a book doesn't need to star Superman or Batman to be a huge success.


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