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Superman & Wonder Woman, Sitting In A Tree (Superman/Wonder Woman: Power Couple Review)


Writer: Charles Soule

Pencillers: Tony S. Daniel, Paulo Siqueira, Eddy Barrows, Barry Kitson

Inkers: Batt, Sandu Florea, Eber Ferreira, Barry Kitson

Colorists: Tomeu Morey

Letterers: Carlos M. Mangual

Publisher: DC

Rating: 8/10 Would Swipe Right

In the DC Universe, there are no celebrity couples. They are all rendered meaningless and are mere candles flickering in the night. The real fiery hot topic are those super-couples, and none are hotter in the New 52 than SuperWoman (sorry SuperBat stans. Someday they will give us this). Superman/Wonder Woman: Power Couple brings us farther into the personal lives of these two gods among us than any paparazzi ever could. Spoilers ahead.

Superman and Wonder Woman are dating! You didn’t hear it from me though. Somewhere along the line in New 52, a spark was formed between these two heroes and they have decided to give things a go with each other. Only thing is, the world doesn’t know right away. Soule’s first arc in this series explores the push and pull of Diana and Clark’s relationship as they try to meet in the middle. While they both have something in common with being super powerful outsiders, they both have very different outlooks on life and how they want the world to see them. Clark wants to keep the relationship a secret just like his identity as Superman for fear of people being afraid, while Diana feels that he should be proud of who he is, and, that they are together. Honestly, you’d think a boy scout and the Amazonian princess with a truth lasso would be able to hash out their concerns, but you got to refer to a real expert in these situations. Someone like Batman apparently to set you straight.

Defining the relationship is one thing, but we are still in a comic book universe full of capes and tights. Where is all the punching and blowing stuff up you ask? When one of Superman’s most deadly foes makes an appearance and thrashes Wonder Woman, the couple head off to meet Diana’s family which isn’t the most pleasant experience for some sun-powered gods who disrespect Diana and not take Superman seriously. When all is said and punched on Wonder Woman’s side of things, the two discover the real threat comes from the sudden appearance of General Zod. Fresh from the Phantom Zone, Zod deceives Clark into trusting him which allows for him to bring his bae over from the other side so they can welcome a whole army to Earth for some conquering. It’s a fight that pushes Wonder Woman and Superman to their limits as the evil Kryptonians are getting a little extra help from up above from a certain god named Apollo who is grudging against Superman.

I wasn’t the biggest Wonder Woman and Superman as a couple fan upon first learning this in the New 52 series. That might because I really loving seeing Lois with Clark, or it might be because no one knows each other they way Clark knows Bruce. After picking this series up though and reading it, however, I found it to be an enjoyable read. Soule brought an interesting topic to the table on top of them dating how the world might react when it eventually was discovered. We get a couple of pages with a large spread of reactions that create so many perspectives just on some of the panels without dialogue alone. I also enjoyed the idea of trying to find the middle ground even though it felt like Diana was the one to have to compromise the most is felt.

The most stand out part for this volume to me was the art. Everything from the futuristic and edgy technology on-page, to the modern-looking costumes (I do not know how Wonder Woman’s functions though with the lasso and sword still), the artists during the New 52 era really delivered a style that still stands out to me. This story will probably remain one of my biggest examples to look back at as Tony Daniel, Batt, Morey, Mangual, and others delivered a visually awesome experience in this read. This read was full of stunning full-page panels that left memorable impressions from their feats to their most tender moments. Morey’s colors were incredible in this as they were bright and had every panel from the pencilers and Inkers causing me to flip back and forth to take each page in.

In the continuity of New 52, I am down to keep shipping Superman and Wonder Woman. Soule brings very human struggles to a relationship between two people who feel out of place among humans. Despite this, these two work amazing together and deserve the title of Power Couple. The incredible artwork alone in this series done by everyone in here was enough to grab me and pull me in. If you find yourself looking to explore what it would be like to put these to in a Facebook Official status than look no further than this read,

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