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The Comic Lounge's Picks of the Week (1/29/20)



Any week we have a new Mignolaverse book, you know is gonna be a great week. This time we return to Mignola's take on the classic monster, Frankenstein. This issue was really good and will leave you wanting more. This is the perfect book for all of you Hellboy fans!

Here's the solicit:

Frankenstein's creator lies dead in the icy grip of the Arctic, and the monster searches for a new purpose. Just as he thinks he's found one with a group of unlikely companions, disaster strikes-and the monster is catapulted out of Mary Shelley's novel and into the world of Hellboy. Bridging Mary Shelley's original Frankenstein novella and Mike Mignola's Frankenstein Underground, this series brings together Mignola, Scott Allie, Ben Stenbeck, Brennan Wagner, and Clem Robins for an all-new horror adventure in the far north.


As we near the epic 750th issue, Barry is facing some of his most harrowing challenges yet. After the events of last issue Barry is headed to Arkham. How will he get out of this one? What new adversary lurks around the corner? Stay tuned this Wednesday!

Here's the solicit:

"Rogue's Reign" aftermath! Central City is in ruins! The Rogues are on the run! The Speed Force is in chaos-and the Flash's powers make him too dangerous to remain free! But who can bring him in? Plus, a surprise character returns from Barry's past with a grave warning about his future!


Buy this book! It was amazing!

Seriously that's all you need to know

Here's the solicit:

END OF STORY ARC The death of Teeg Lawless. The final issue of the CRUEL SUMMER arc.


The end of Scott Snyder's epic run on Justice League is here. What fates befall the League as they make their final stand against Perpetua? You wouldn't believe it if I told you. This is one ending you could never have anticipated.

Here's the solicit:

In the wake of the Justice/Doom War, the Justice League finds themselves stranded at the far end of the universe and facing a challenge they've never faced before. But what will they find on their journey? Has their battle with Perpetua had consequences reaching farther across the cosmos than they ever imagined? Superstar scribe Scott Snyder says farewell to the Justice League with a special story that both winds down all the things he started in issue #1-and nods toward everything that comes next in the DC Universe.



I’ve read the first number, and now I’m ready for more. Can’t wait to dive into the first volume of this series. I think it’s a refreshing idea to see a story with a father-son relationship. Scored 9 out of 10 in Ryan’s previous review. I’m ready for this.

Here's the solicit:

Being a space trucker may sound like a cool job, but in reality it can be boring as hell. So when recently widowed Gil gets a long-haul gig across the universe, he figures it's safe enough to bring his young son Kadyn along for the ride. But when their "big rig" gets bitten in half by a gigantic Space Leviathan, Gil is separated from his young son-with a breached suit that's venting oxygen at an alarming rate. He'll have to defy the odds and stay alive long enough to rescue Kadyn. But Kadyn seems to be getting all the help he needs from a talking Space Monkey riding a Space Dolphin... or maybe it's the strange powers he's suddenly manifesting. From the writing duo of JASON AARON (SOUTHERN BASTARDS, Thor) and DENNIS HALLUM (Cloak & Dagger, Vader: Dark Visions), with dazzling art by STEPHEN GREEN (Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.) and cosmic colors by RICO RENZI (Spider-Gwen) comes an intense, galaxy-spanning adventure with all the scope and heart of the The Neverending Story crossed with imaginative weirdness of Miyazaki.



This is the strange and mysterious debut issue of Simon Roy, Daniel Benson, and Artyom Trakhanov’s dystopian, savage land! What makes this future different!? We’ll see soon enough!

Here's the solicit:

SERIES PREMIERE! From SIMON ROY (Prophet), Sideways Award-winning author DANIEL M. BENSEN (Junction), ARTYOM TRAKHANOV (UNDERTOW), JASON WORDIE (GOD COUNTRY), and HASSAN OTSMANE-ELHAOU (Red Sonja) comes a sci-fi adventure equal parts Conan the Barbarian, Mad Max, and The Expanse. Of all the tribes that dwell in the hot ruins of far-future North America, the Hudsoni reign supreme, but even they fear and obey the godlike Devas. When the Devas warn of an old-world demon in the conquered city of Shikka-Go, Hudsoni war chief First Knife decides to deal with the threat personally.


Never would I ever thought that the following combination of words would come out of my brain: THE ORIGIN STORY OF JOHN AND ABIGAIL ADAMS!

Here's the solicit:

"SINS OF THE FATHER," Part Three Founding father John Adams has stepped out of the shadows to reveal himself as the undead source of Philadelphia's vampire outbreak. With a legion at his command, he makes plans to cut the rot from America's core. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Jose must fight for their lives at the city morgue as the dead rise off their slabs.


Okay, now that I’m all caught up, no longer feeling the heavy FOMO, I couldn’t be more eager to find out what Tuya has planned and what Maika Halfwolf’s next course of action is!

Here's the solicit:

NEW STORY ARC The long-dreaded war between the Federation and Arcanics is about to explode as secret peace negotiations are threatened and the Old Gods conspire. Now, Maika must choose her next steps: will she help her friends, or strike out on her own?



Lots of issues coming out this week that take us to the end for me, but Terrifics is different. It’s taking us to the beginning… of time! Having Bizzaro as the central villain for the current arc is as cooky as you would expect, but the writing continues to balance that with great dynamics between the team, fun references through its time travel, and overall just terrific quality. For a series that was supposed to have spun out of the Dark Multiverse event, it is tonally one of the more light-hearted reads that makes it an excellent title.

Here's the solicit:

"The One Where Bizarro Screws Up Time" part two! The Terrifics have traveled to the very beginning of time to put an end to Bizarro's reign of clock-clashing terror! But who are the mysterious angels helping Ms. Terrific navigate the void? And who are adklj;askjwe! Hey, Bizarro...writing solicit text is my job! Hey, stop it! What are you-ow! BIZARRO AM #1. MY VILLAINOUS ADVENTURES WILL BE IN BOOK FOREVER! ME DISLIKE CHEESE AND LOVE SUPERMAN. BIZARRO OUT.


The final issue of Jason Aaron’s 12 part run is here and I couldn’t be more excited. If it wasn’t for the amazing work that Aaron put into his time writing Thor, I don’t know if I ever would have picked up a Conan series. I am glad I did with this one as it has been non-stop action and fun. I look forward to seeing how Aaron brings his time with the Cimmerian to a close.

Here's the solicit:

THE EPIC CONCLUSION OF "THE LIFE & DEATH OF CONAN"! • RAZAZEL has risen! • CONAN has fallen! • CROM may not care, but you CANNOT miss this issue! • Plus: The final chapter of the all-new novella "BLACK STARLIGHT"!


Kelly Thompson has been doing an amazing job on the current Captain Marvel series (not to mention every other series she is writing now). Aside from not really knowing what to expect for this story, I honestly can’t think of a better person than Thompson to see Carol to the end.

Here's the solicit:

THE FINAL CAPTAIN MARVEL STORY! Fifty years ago, Carol Danvers went into the deepest reaches of the cosmos to spread peace and justice and she hasn't seen a familiar face since! Whatever happened to the planet she once called home? Reuniting CAPTAIN MARVEL superteam KELLY THOMPSON and CARMEN CARNERO!



IT’S FINALLY FREAKING BACK AND I CANNOT CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT! But it’s the final arc so I’m sad but I really hope it ends well.

Here's the solicit:

NEW STORY ARC! * THE SERIES? It's back. * JON AND SUZE? Also back. * THE BANK? MUST BE TAKEN DOWN. * THIS ARC? THE LAST. Gasp! * BULLET LISTS? How do you turn them off in Microsoft Word The highly anticipated return of the #1 New York Times bestselling humor/romance series SEX CRIMINALS kicks off its final story arc. Praised for its emotionally compelling characters, taut storytelling, and comedic genius, Time Magazine called it "the best comic of the year" upon launch. Since its debut, SEX CRIMINALS has garnered coverage from such mainstream media outlets as Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, NPR, and The Washington Post and won multiple awards. SEX CRIMINALS follows the adventures of Suzie and Jon-a couple who discover they can stop time when they have sex. This final chapter sees the reunion of writer MATT FRACTION (NOVEMBER, Hawkeye) and CHIP ZDARSKY (THE WHITE TREES, Daredevil).


In this issue we get a supervillain team up from Leviathan and Luther to try and bring down Superman. This could be pretty interesting and the cover looks dope

Here's the solicit:

One of the biggest battles in Superman history tears through Metropolis as the super-villain team-up of Lex Luthor, the Legion of Doom, and Leviathan come to change Superman's city forever! The blockbuster creative team of writer Brian Michael Bendis and artists John Romita Jr. and Klaus Janson create a Superman epic for the ages-as the Man of Steel deals with the public disclosure of his secret identity!


I’m skeptical that this is the end of Deadpool but I just wanna read it just in case

Here's the solicit:

THE FINAL DEADPOOL STORY! Wade Wilson may seem like he is unkillable, but there is more than one way to put an end to him... but don't take my word for it! Quintessential Deadpool scribe Joe Kelly and record-setting Deadpool artist Mike Hawthorne team-up to prove it to you! Deadpool is done for!

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