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The Comic Lounge's Picks of the Week (2/26/20)



I love me some fantasy mixed with a little sci-fi. Not to mention it's coming from Rafael Scavone and one of my favorite artists, Rafael Albuquerque. This one looks really good and is yet another great looking book to come from Dark Horse who, in my opinion, has been killing it these past couple years.

Here's the solicit:

A new series from Rafael Albuquerque and Rafael Scavone, the team behind Neil Gaiman's A Study in Emerald! Hidden from ordinary eyes, there is a world alongside our own full of deities, demons, and danger-where magic wins out over science and dark secrets lie in wait. Ulloo, the last wizard from the Hidden Society, enlists the aid of a blind girl and her demon, a young magician, and a cursed bounty hunter in order to stop a group of nihilist warlocks from waking the Society's greatest nemesis: a primeval force that, unchecked, will scorch the planet bare of all life.


Two-Face is back and I couldn't be happier. He's always been one of my favorite villains and this one is setting up an interesting new path for our favorite psycho. Plus Tomasi continues to prove why he's one of the best Bat writers of all time.

Here's the solicit:

As Gotham City continues its rise from the ashes of "City of Bane," some familiar faces have returned to keep Gotham City exactly where they want it: Two-Face is back. But this time, he's recruited some like-minded individuals to help him in his cause. With an elite team of split-personality special forces at his side, Two-Face and Batman square off in what could be their final battle, as a new ally arrives to help the Dark Knight...Harvey Dent?!


These Giant Size one-shots have been some of the X-books I've been anticipating the most. But this one by far has caught my eye. Jean & Emma teaming up????? Dauterman on art?!??!? Fuck yes please. I can only imagine the brilliant story that Hickman has in mind. But if history shows, he's gonna give us the unexpected.

Here's the solicit:

The first of five essential X-tales specially designed to showcase some of Marvel's best artists! First up, Russell Dauterman, superstar artist of THOR and WAR OF THE REALMS! When Storm is in danger, it's going to take two of the most powerful telepaths on Earth working together to make things right. Jean Grey and Emma Frost, together again for the good of Krakoa!



In the last issue, we got the origin story of the vampire John Adams and how he and Abigail have maintained power for centuries. This issue’s solicit promises to be a bloodbath as Adams’ plan finally moves into motion.

Here's the solicit:

"SINS OF THE FATHER," Part Four-As vampires flood the city, no one in Philly is safe. The streets become a bloodbath as the population desperately tries to survive until morning. But will dissension in John Adams' undead army open a crack that Jimmy and Jose can exploit to defeat them...or will Jimmy's insecurities have him chasing ghosts?


The second issue of Protector! More questions to be answered! What is the giant robot about? Why the hell was it eating people? The future is strange and I want to know more! Also, what about the First Knife? With a cool nickname and mustache like that, I’m really expecting him to do some major damage.

Here's the solicit:

First Knife leads his slavers south to retake the city of Shikka-Go. The city is now home to a demon of the old world, but First Knife has a plan. His predecessors have fought such creatures before.



So Star now has the Reality Stone fused to her… Someone better hold Scarlet Witch's beer because whether the reveal is if she is helping or taking down Star, Wanda is still going to remind us who had Marvel's reality quaking in its boots more.

Here's the solicit:

TWO REALITY WARPERS COLLIDE! As Star struggles to master her powers, she gets a visit from one of the world's greatest - and most dangerous - reality warpers. But is the Scarlet Witch here to guide a fledgling, would-be hero...or put down a deadly villain? Either way, Star better learn fast - because heroes aren't the only ones watching the new wielder of the Reality Stone.


This issue of Avengers is gonna help me answer that question I find myself asking sometimes. If I go back in time with a piece of technology, what would I bring? Based on Tony's luck, probably not power armor. Also Zaffino on art for this B.C era seems like a great fit.

Here's the solicit:

THE TEMPTATION OF ANTHONY STARK! Special Oversized Issue! Trapped in an icy cave at the dawn of time, Tony Stark has lost most of his armor and a good chunk of his mind. And tonight when the sun goes down and the devil comes round again, Iron Man may very well lose whatever's left of his soul. A dark tale of hell and ice and iron, unlike any Golden Avenger story you've ever read, featuring the gorgeously gritty visuals of guest artist Gerardo Zaffino (CONAN THE BARBARIAN).


It's a Monster Mash! It's been one heck of a build up but it's time. The Shazam family are going head to head with some of the wildest looking villains I've yet to experience and I can't wait!

Here's the solicit:

Billy and his family have seen so many marvelous things in their journey through the Magiclands, while facing tough opponents and even tougher questions about family, loyalty, and integrity. Now they're about to face an onslaught of all their greatest foes! Will they have the wherewithal to triumph? Find out in the penultimate chapter of "Shazam and the Seven Magic Lands"!

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