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The Crude Knight #1-4 (Review)


Writer: Ryan Little

Artist: Yusuf Idris

Colorist: Nick Warner

Letter: Nikki Powers

Edited By: Cody Coulombe

Have you been looking for an original story lately? Look no more as I have this great recommendation for you!

Let me present to you: The Crude Knight.

It was described to me as a heavy metal/horror take on King Arthur.

Suffice to say these words really piqued my interest in the story.

I was lucky to receive the first 4 numbers of this super cool indie series and I am very happy to present it to you today!

The Crude Knight is a new, fresh, and incredibly original take on King Arthur’s story. On the Kickstarter page, you can read the following: King Arthur + Mad Max + a dash of There Will Be Blood = The Crude Knight

In this modern tale, we are brought to a family-run oil company. A very unusual environment, I find. But it is initially what piqued my curiosity!

Every 30 years, something wakes up. Built on the old foundation of Arthur’s Kingdom, they see weird things happening on their land. Excalibur pops in and the oil transforms into this magical source, turning everyone it touches into a possessed soldier. The goal of this army? Rising from the darkness and re-establishing the power of their kingdom.

Now, if I’m being completely honest, I was never an expert in the incredible original story that is the one of King Arthur. However, I had a lot of fun trying to connect the characters from “The Crude Knight” to the original material ( that I know of). You can of course find their very own version of Merlin and Arthur and some cool adaptations of what I supposed are Lancelot, Vivien and so on. It was nice to see the originality behind such an old tale.

I loved the originality in this!

Following up with the art now:

The art style is really interesting. I thought it was an excellent match to the raw and brutal world that is the oil industry. Very interesting to see the simplicity in the backgrounds - taking place in what seems to be a desert environment - but lots of details in the characters and action scenes. It really helps to visualize a clear image of the action, without being preoccupied with the environment. Ence, the “Mad Max” reference, in my opinion.

Smart move for such a story.

Overall, The Crude Knight is like nothing I’ve read before. It is original and interesting. It will please the action seeker while still being interesting to the fantasy fans. I am very curious to read the fifth number.

Of course, I also strongly encourage you to go check out their Kickstarter page!

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