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The Fate of Teeg Lawless (Criminal #12 Review)


Writer: Ed Brubaker

Artist: Sean Phillips

Colorist: Jacob Phillips

Publisher: Image

Rating: 10/10

Holy shit!! We all knew how this was ending, I mean it's the story of the last days of Teeg Lawless, but it's the way it happens that will make you gasp. Once again Brubaker and Phillips have upped their game, this might just be the best single issue they've ever done. Their were moments while reading this that I had to pause, simply in awe of what I was witnessing, 2 creators that have mastered their craft delivering the work of their career.

The issue opens up immediately following Teeg taking a gunshot straight to the chest. Detective Farraday didn't have real ammo in the gun though, he blasted Teeg with rock salt. What a way to deceive the reader, I thought for sure that Teeg was dead, but his final fate was yet to come. With Jane kidnapped by Farraday, Teeg sets off to save his girl and get his money back. But what happens next will take you by complete surprise.

While in pursuit of Jane and Farraday, Jane gets loose and ends up crashing the car. The following 3 pages are completely devoid of any words. Phillips created some of the most captivating art I've evr seen him produce. From the car flipping in the air, to the money flying in the air. It was perfect. Even the look on Teeg's face when he realizes Jane is dead, it was heartbreaking.

With the love of his life dead, Teeg goes into a deep depression wondering why he's still alive. After learning just how Farraday was able to get the drop on him, (it was his son), he loses it. In a blind rage he tries to kill his son, only to have his life taken. It was one of those "What The Fuck" moments that Brubaker does so well. It sets up stuff that goes all the way back to the first volume of CRIMINAL. The final image of Teeg will forever be ingrained in my memory, thanks Sean.

Overall, this was by far one of the best CRIMINAL stories. Brubaker and Phillips continue to get better with every issue/project that they do. While this may be the end of CRIMINAL for now, it's far from the last time we will see these characters. Their next project is PULP, an OGN, which sounds absolutely amazing. No matter what they do, you know it's gonna be amazing. If you haven't read this current volume or past volumes of CRMINAL, now is the time to do it. Seriously what are you waiting for.

Stay tuned for more amazing projects from these guys and you know all of us here at Comic Lounge will keep you posted on any news.

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