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The King of Rock and Comics Delivers A Fun Stand-Alone Comic (Outta This World)


Written by: Darryl (DMC) McDaniels & Amy Chu

Art by: Larry Hama & Rob Guillory

Letters by: Thom Zahler

Read the full story here on Playboy: Outta This World

As some wise folks on the Comic Lounge have said, “Hip-Hop and comics have a history of intertwining.” While you can find elements of Hip-Hop’s influence spread throughout the world of comics, The King of Rock himself brings the same awesome creativity from Run-D.M.C. to comics with Outta This World. Legendary Rapper Darryl (DMC) McDaniels has teamed up with Playboy and created a fantastic stand-alone comic that features, as well as expands upon the DMC universe from Darryl Makes Comics (2014). Alongside McDaniels, he is joined by a fantastic team of talent with the likes of Amy Chu, Larry Hama, Rob Guillory, and Thom Zahler on letters. You Be Illin’ if you thought there were no spoilers.

Outta This World’s panels take us back to an 80’s styled NYC, home of The King of Rock himself. We open with a little intro from the hero DMC himself, letting us know that in his world, nothing is impossible. From here we meet Pinky and Blue Boy as they spray up some artistic expression while Pinky gives some pointers to the new kid on the block, Blue Boy. Unfortunately, the new piece has to hold up as an alien from another planet crash lands by Pinky and Blue Boy causing a panic. It’s up to DMC and his crew to swoop in save the day which turns out, was never in any danger once language barriers are broken down.

After reading this short story, I gotta say I’m Down With The King. Before reading this comic, it was hard for me to see if I ever had much connection to the Hip-Hop world today. That ultimately changed however as upon reading each panel and taking in Hama and Guillory’s art, a wave of nostalgia washed over me. I’m back in grade school hopping out of one parent’s truck after listening to them play their Metallica CDs, to lacing up My (metaphorical) Adidas as I hopped in another parent’s car for the weekend, cruising down the highway listening to Run-D.M.C. and the Beastie Boys. Taking in the popping colors along with Zahler’s fun lettering, the issue played out full of great sounds and awesome lyrics (dialogue).

The biggest thing I found refreshing and enjoyable from this read that made DMC and Outta This World both Not Just Another Groove, is the messages they taught. DMC is a superhero who is not afraid to face off against fellow good guys along with villains if they are being reckless and irresponsible to the point that it hurts others. That’s absolutely great. Outta This World gave a strong message of not judging a book by its cover, a saying that is more important and relevant than ever in today’s events. A great theme to tell in this short story by Chu and McDaniels. I also appreciated that the read changed the lens of graffiti’s perception by the general public as vandalism and more of artistic expression, which, absolutely can be with so many amazing pieces out there.

Ever been to Playboy’s site before? Turns out it is true, they have fantastic articles and talent, creating great content to enjoy. You can even read a Q&A by McDaniels, Chu, and Hama about the creation of Outta This World. Before you say “You Talk Too Much,” just know that anything is possible, and if you head over to, you can catch this awesome stand-alone comic among other great reads as well.

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