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The Man Who Effed Up Time #1 (Review)


Writer: John Layman

Artist: Karl Mostert

Colors: Dee Cunniffe

Letters: John Layman

3.5/5 Pterodactyls

John Layman is back! The Man Who Effed Up Time is a new take on the old time travel theme. When Sean Bennett, a lab assistant in the temporal physics department, used his universities time machine, he blended the world’s timeline into one point and as you can tell from the title, really f#&%ed up.

Sean had dreams and goals, but life has a way of twisting fate. He decides he’ll use the time machine to make things right. Nothing extreme, just get himself the job that he deserves. Through human impulse and temptation, he changes just a few more things before heading back to the present.

When he arrives, people are riding dinosaurs, there’s Egyptian pyramids everywhere, Abraham Lincoln was never assassinated, and the fashion trend seems to be top hats and helms. It seems as if all of history is happening at once. Oops! I think this is a really awesome twist and I have a feeling none of us will be able guess what’s going to occur next in the series. Because of the timeline the way it is, literally anything physically possible on Earth can happen. I’m extremely eager to see what John Layman does with this new Earth he’s created.

I’m on the fence about the art in this. I really love Karl Mostert’s linework on the faces and all of the dinosaurs look absolutely fantastic, but there’s a lot of empty space happening in the background and the details that are there are minimal. The colors are nice, but I just don’t think the art is for me. It won’t keep me from continuing on with the series though as I think this will be a really fun ride.

Story-wise, it’s nothing mind-blowing, but it’s not supposed to be. If you like fun, light reads that don’t require much thinking, this is a good match. John Layman is absolutely wonderful at creating extremely original worlds and stories, and this definitely seems like this will keep up with his other works!

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