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The Plot Vol.1 (Review)


Writers: Tim Daniel and Michael Moreci

ArtIist: Joshua Hudson

Artist: Joshua Hudson

Letterer: Jim Campbell

Publisher: Vault

Rating: 8/10

“In Order to Receive. . . First You Must Give”

These are the words of the Blaine family, passed down generations. But the motto isn’t the only thing inherited by the family’s members. After Charles Blaine and his wife are mysteriously murdered, it’s his brother Chase who takes in his niece and nephew, Mackenzie and Zach, and relocates to the family house in Augusta, Maine. The whole town seems to hold a grudge against their family which doesn’t help when the house starts to reveal hidden secrets. The best moments come from Reese, a longtime friend and ex girlfriend of Chase, who is confronting her own demons when the Blaine family comes back to town.

The Plot confronts what it means to be haunted by family and what we owe to generations past to uphold a legacy. The story falls somewhere between Locke & Key (Joe Hill) and Wytches (Scott Snyder). It has all of the ingredients of a psychological horror: death in the family, hidden secrets, small town, a mysterious bog. The usual.

Although I can easily see this as a Netflix adaptation, I can just as easily see this story being introduced by the Vault-Keeper in The Vault of Horror.

Speaking of Vault, there hasn’t been a comic published recently by Vault Comics that has disappointed me and I’ve been loving their offerings of science-fiction and fantasy. And now because of The Plot you can add horror to that list.

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