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Why We Need A New Black Canary Book

I think its long past time for Black Canary to get a new series, but you're probably wondering why I would suggest a new series, when the industry is in a state of uncertainty. Well my answer to you is "Why the hell not!". In fact, I think now is the perfect time to be talking about stuff like this, especially with so much time on our hands. I think it should come as no surprise that Dinah is my favorite female character in the DCU, just check out my reviews of her previous series. Not to mention I have a tattoo of her on my forearm. But back to the topic at hand. I think she's one of the most interesting characters and the story possibilities could easily sustain an ongoing series.

Black Canary has been around since the Golden Age of comics where she was a member of the JSA. Back then though she didn't have a "Canary Cry". It wasnt until her daughter, Dinah took up the mantle, that the power was introduced. You may be wondering "Wait there's 2 Canaries?", yeah at least there was in pre-Flashpoint continuity. Who knows what DC will do with this whole GENERATION mini series, when/if it comes out. But the legacy would be a cool angle to have the potential series.

One of the things I like best about Dinah, is what a skilled fighter she is and how she's the only one that can put Green Arrow in his place. Yes, I'm also a HUGE Green Arrow fan also. While I think the new history of Dinah being in a band is unique and interesting,nO would love to see more of her backstory and even her training which, to my memory, has never really been fleshed out. Her history has been so muddled, that this would be a great opportunity to give her a definitive history. While I do think it would be great to show her relationship with Green Arrow, I think that it shouldn't be a major focus. Its time to let her shine on her own. But that's not to say It wouldn't be cool to see a crossover with GA if he got his own series again as well.

I think Dinah is to important of a character to not get a spotlight shown on her. The only person I feel has ever given her, her due, was Gail Simone when she was writing BIRDS OF PREY or when Brad Meltzer brought her back to the team in his JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA run. Yeah the last Black Canary series was really good, but it feels like there was an element missing for me.

When I think of a new Black Canary book, one name comes to mind, Joelle Jones. Having read her CATWOMAN run, I think she could do an insanely good job writing/drawing the book. Doing a street level type book seems like it could be right up her alley. She has a way of writing such strong female voices and her fight choreograph is on point. You bring in Laura Allred on colors and I think this book is a hit. I've literally been picturing this book in mind for the past 6 months, since I found out Joelle was leaving CATWOMAN. I cant think of a better creator team to tackle the most badass female heroes at DC.

It's long past time that Dinah takes her place amongst the A-list heroes and get the respect she so rightly deserves.

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