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Wonder Woman Takes To The Stars In The Name Of Love (Wonder Woman #754 Review)

Wonder Woman #754 Writer: Steve Orlando Artist: Gleb Melnikov Colorist: Romulo Fajardo Jr Letterer: Pat Brosseau Cover Art: Robson Rocha, Danny Miki & Brad Anderson Associate Editor: Brittany Holzherr Editor: Paul Kaminski Group Editor: Jamie S. Rich Publisher: DC

Rating: 9/10 Space Queens

Honest truth, it’s been a while since I have been caught up with what’s going on in the world of Wonder Woman. After the release of issue #750, I decided to check in to see if it was worth getting back on board as my DC subscriptions had been dwindling. I was pretty intrigued by the new base of operations Diana was in within the city of Boston on top of being evaluated whether or not she would keep the city from sustaining major property damage. Superheroes always got a big target on their backs, I can understand the concern. The subsequent issues that followed have been lots of fun to read and when I saw that Wonder Woman was taking a trip to space in this issue, I was pretty excited. I can’t lie. There are spoilers ahead.

After arriving home to find Maxima, A SPACE QUEEN FROM ANOTHER WORLD!, crashed-landed in her kitchen, she is asked for the aid of the space queen in stopping the coronation of her betrothed on her homeworld that sent assassins for her after refusing to marry him. The future king is named Ultraa and he is a total dick who shouldn’t be king. With Wonder Woman’s help, the two can stop the coronation and reveal the true history of her planet and their original rulers, two queens.

Going through this issue a second time, I was impressed by how much Orlando fit in here. This whole issue felt like an entire arc condensed into one single issue while not feeling overly rushed. Progression throughout the story moved at a good pace, delivering action, some good heart to heart moments, as well as that classic set up of a kingdom’s subjects realizing who the real ruler is and cheering them on. Also, it was about two women who loved each other and finally shattered the false tradition to be together! As I said, there was a lot in this issue, and that’s not even including the subplots going on where we also check in on Donna Troy who was evil for a while (again since early Titans Rebirth) who is struggling to want to let Diana back into her life currently, and also exploring Diana and Steve Trevor’s relationship through some flashback panels. I can only assume that by the time Orlando is done with this arc that the two will finally get back together, or just reconcile and go back to being friends.

I really enjoyed the art of this issue a lot. Melnikov’s art has a lot of lines work their characters in shading and features that are very reminiscent of Bachalo’s which is an art style I love. The backgrounds that Melnikov draws on panels are gorgeous and have so much detail put into them that the pages feel like every possible panel was utilized masterfully. I also just really love how much I would go back and forth on the page to see the expressions they did for the characters. Paired with Fajardo Jr’s bright and vibrant colors, I couldn’t help but smile right back at the pages as Melnikov puts a smile on Wonder Woman that just leaves you feeling happy and inspired by this icon. I am glad that I got back to reading Wonder Woman again. Orlando has made every issue that I have picked up so far exciting and fun with a lot of interest in what is unfolding with his Four Horsewomen of Apocolypse drawing closer by each new dangerous warrior joining the cause to take down Diana. I can’t wait to see how Diana will handle these new threats. Also, I am just so glad I got back into this series to see how cool the Invisible Jet is!

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