Detective Comics #987 (Review) Stunning Finale

August 23, 2018


Detective Comics #987

Writer: Bryan Hill

Artist: Miguel Mendonça

Publisher: DC Comics










We have reached the finale of "On the Outside", and it couldn't be better ending. It's not often in comics that you get exactly what you were hoping for from a story, and Bryan Hill delivered it. This arc has been one of the best Batman stories coming out recently. Hill writes a really compelling Batman, who knows he's not perfect and seeks help from Black Lightning to help train some proteges of the Bat.


This arc has been about the Bruce's past coming back to haunt him, through a new villain named, Karma. In typical Batman behavior he pushes away some of his team to deal with the problem alone. At the same time realizing that maybe he isn't the right person to train Orphan and Signal and thus bringing Jefferson (Black Lightning) in to train them. With the last issue bringing in Katana, I was really hoping we were getting an Outsiders book written by Hill. Well as most of you know already, we are. There's a scene in this issue where Signal and Orphan want to help Batman and Black Lightning tells them to step down, because he knows Bruce needs to do this one alone. The relationship between those two is something I cant wait to read about in the Outsiders book. The page that really stood out to me is when Superman swoops in to tell Jefferson that by joining Bruce make sure you don't become "him". Such a simple page but, great writing.


Miguel Mendonça is becoming one of my favorite artist. He's able to deliver an action packed book but also does the quiet moments extremely well. He's able to convey emotions perfectly and really give every character a unique "voice". I can't wait to follow him to whichever book he goes to next.


Overall, this was one of my favorite books to come out this week. It has only made the wait for the Outsiders book that much harder. Bryan Edward Hill has a really special team going and I can't wait to see what he does on that book.


Detective Comics #987 in stores now



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