The Road To Redemption Is Covered In Blood (Wonder Woman: The True Amazon GN Review)

August 6, 2019




Writer: Jill Thompson

Artist: Jill Thompson

Publisher: DC Comics

Rating: 9/10 lassos of truth





Wonder Woman is a cultural icon. Her reach goes further than the comic books she’s printed in. She’s a symbol of strength, compassion and hope. Everyone knows who she is but… her origin isn’t exactly clear-cut.

That’s where WONDER WOMAN: THE TRUE AMAZON by Jill Thompson comes to the rescue. Thompson, a multiple Eisner award winner, created an original graphic novel that breathes new life into Diana’s history. This book is for anyone. When you open TTA, you get transported to Thompson’s breathtaking version of Themiscyra and forget that it’s a superhero book. It doesn’t feel that way and that’s positive. It’s very human and focuses on Diana as a person and not a costume. The Amazons get developed a fair bit, too.


This version of Wonder Woman is different from other versions you’ve seen. She’s actually kind of a brat when you meet her. Young Diana isn’t selfless, noble and heroic. She’s about as selfish as it gets. And… this works very well. The story wouldn’t be interesting if Diana were perfect. As the story goes on, you see Diana develop and change. It’s a natural progression.

One big moment shows Diana making a stupidly disastrous decision in the name of hubris and love. When you see the origin of Diana’s “costume”, it’s pretty heartbreaking. “That’s all I have to say about that,” in the words of Mr. Gump.


Thompson shows that the path to being a hero is plagued with grave mistakes and trails of blood. That said, TTA is about redemption. What I appreciate more is that TTA is purely one creator’s take on an iconic character. It’s one and done and feels whole. Everything about the book feels so free, like it’s not weighed down by history and continuity.

TTA is a story of growing up, of love and redeeming yourself for your mistakes. There’s so much to it than being just a superhero comic. It’s such a personal and emotional story. You won’t read it once and leave it on the shelf forever. TTA is a book you’ll re-read or just flip through over and over again. While it’s a solid story, TTA is just wild to look at.


Thompson’s art is stunning. It melts my brain. Just splash those popping colors onto the art and I could stare at any page for an hour. I just want to jump into the art and live there.

More than anything, this book is like a beginning but it works as a standalone story. If you read one Wonder Woman story in your life, Thompson’s take should be it. It’s a perfect first comic for new readers and it’ll win the hearts of current Wonder Woman fans.






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