The Weirdest Superheroes Go Through Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes (Doom Patrol: WOTW #2 Review)

August 9, 2019




Writers: Gerard Way and Jeremy Lambert

Artist: James Harvey

Colorist: James Harvey

Letterer: James Harvey

Cover: Nick Derington

Publisher: DC/Young Animal

Rating: 8/10 cosmically enlightened cats















The hero of DOOM PATROL #2 is a cat man named Lotion who spreads positive vibes.


That’s it. That’s the review. Let’s all go home…

But really—a lot happens in in this issue. It takes off pounding the pavement like a maniac with flailing arms. That said, it’s a busy book that manages it’s time well.


The previous issue ended with a human Cliff Steele wrecking his car in a mangled mess of metal, smoke and flames. In this issue, a non-human Cliff Steele wakes up to find out that he’s back in his robot body. (It’s an improved body). Then Larry Trainor the Negative Man gives birth to sentient spheres of positive vibes. After this, the team hitches a ride on Danny the living ambulance to deal with a divorce case in space. Their problem…is solved by a cat man who spreads good vibes, baby!

Lotion hasn’t seen much action recently but I dig any scene he’s in. Good to see him spreading love while getting some of his own. Everyone else is along for the ride in this one: Robotman, Crazy Jane, Rita Farr, Larry Trainor and his negative spirit, Hank the support dog, Flex Mentallo, Casey Brinke, Fugg and Lucius the teenage ruler of the Daemonscape.



My lips are sealed but something at the end happens to a certain sunglasses wearing character named Larry that’ll take him to a place he’s never been before. Maybe he becomes… less negative? I won’t tell.

Nick Derington’s covers are impeccable as ususal. James Harvey’s art is still psychedelic and expressive in this issue. He pushes the wackiness with his layouts in this one. (There’s also an entire detailed map of the amusement park inside Danny, for example). Sajan Rai’s use of warm and cool colors between scenes transitions smoothly on every page.

Gerard Way and co. are doing a successful job at keeping the Young Animal imprint strange while telling new stories. Don’t sleep on those titles. Doom Patrol is charming, heart warming and will bend your brain by putting you in uncomfortable situations while exploring cosmic themes and more weirdness. Thing is, you can still read this if you haven’t read Doom Patrol. This arc is just two issues in so it’s not too late to catch up.

[NOTE: This is the second issue of the current Doom Patrol series but technically the 14th issue of the entire Young Animal Doom Patrol run.]




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