Hit-Men, Burning Rubber, Punk Rock and Pure Insanity! (Coffin Bound #1 Review)

August 13, 2019




Writer: Dan Watters
Artist: Dani
Colors: Brad Simpson
Letters: Aditya Bidikar
Publisher: Image Comics
Rating: Add it to your pull.










COFFIN BOUND is a book I’ve been curious about for a while. If you walked by it in the comic shop, you’d feel the urge to buy it without flipping through it first. There’s a certain star quality, a confidence about it. So believe me when I say that it’s first issue delivers.


The first issue of COFFIN BOUND does everything a debut should do. It effectively establishes the world, it introduces your interesting main players, gives you snappy writing with gorgeous and sometimes terrifying art and the coloring and letters are top notch. From the first page, COFFIN BOUND is high-octane bloody punk-rock insanity that leaves you wanting more.

No time is wasted in this book at all. You’re introduced to a marked-for-death woman named Izzy Tyburn who goes on the run from hit-men and a terrifying mysterious killer (named the EARTH EATER!) hired to, well… kill her. In order to escape this powerful and supernatural killer, Izzy and her tag-along called the Vulture go on the run to remove all traces of Izzy’s existence from the earth. So in order to live Izzy needs to un-live. Their banter is addicting and it looks like Izzy and the Vulture will work together pretty well.


I re-read the issue three other times. With each go-around, I dig this world more and more. You know art is strong when you’re thinking about it days later. It’s a creative mash-up of punk rock, crime, the supernatural and more. In one issue, this fictional world became so appealing to me and I want to explore it with Izzy and the Vulture as they escape the un-killable EARTH EATER!

Everyone working on this book brought their A-game. Certain characters have their own lettering, giving them a distinctive voice. The colors make you want to stare at each page for an hour. You feel the warmth of the desert heat and you feel cold and grimy in the dingy depths of a club for skin strippers. There’s so much attention to detail all around. It won’t take you long to decide that the writing and art just click. COFFIN BOUND is 20-something expertly created pages of entropic bliss.


If you like noir crime dramas, punk-rock, Mad Max, explosive insanity or you just want a fresh heavy hitting story, then COFFIN BOUND and Image are here for you.

COFFIN BOUND is just getting started. Big things are going to come out of it. Also, mark my words that Izzy and the Vulture are going to become the next Image dynamic duo. Not even two weeks in and the first issue is going out for a second printing. I’m counting the days until the next issue comes out in September.




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